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Cleaning kit


  • Intensive cleaning for your earplugs
  • Easy to use
  • Extends lifespan


Cleaning kit

Our hearing protection can take a beating. Nevertheless, intensive use can cause the earplugs to become dirty after a while. In addition, it sometimes happens that the hearing protection comes into contact with certain substances, such as sand, mud or dust. Especially if they are used at work.

In that case, it is important that the earplugs are then cleaned properly. Not only for the wearer's hygiene, but also because it makes them last longer.

Our cleaning kit can be a godsend in this regard. It contains several elements to get the earplugs perfectly clean again.


  • 8 effervescent tablets
  • bellows
  • Cleaning spray
  • cleaning cup with sieve
Use effervescent tablets:
  1. Remove basket from cleaning cup
  2. Place cleaning tablet in cup
  3. Fill cup with water
  4. Place the hearing protectors in the basket and place the whole in the cleaning cup
  5. Duration: minimum 15 min. to several hours (possibly all night)
  6. Remove basket of hearing protectors from cup
  7. Rinse with water
  8. Hearing protectors dry thoroughly


Use one new tablet per cleaning. Not for ingestion, keep out of reach of children.

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