100% custom made Service & quality 100% Comfort
100% custom made
Service & Quality
100% Comfort

100% custom made Service & quality 100% Comfort
100% custom made
Service & quality
100% Comfort

Custom Shoot


  • Custom made for optimal wearing comfort
  • Suitable for long-term & daily use
  • Delivery +- 15 working days (urgent delivery possible)
  • Anti-allergic coating
  • Free change of filters & controls
  • Includes handy storage case

How does it work?

Make an online appointment

Easily make an appointment online. We plan a total of 20 minutes for the complete appointment.

Taking the impressions

At the appoinment we will provide you with all the advice that you need. Then it's up to you which set of earplugs you choose.

We create your set of custom earplugs

When they are finished, you will get informed.

Shipping and receiving

The earplugs will be shipped to your home or company. You can also make an appointment to pick them up (with inspection and instructions)

Custom earplugs for shooting sports: choose optimal hearing protection

Shooting is a challenging and exciting sport, but it can also be harmful to your hearing. That is why it is important to invest in high-quality hearing protection, such as custom earplugs for shooting sports from Audinc.

Our custom earplugs not only provide excellent cushioning, but also have a comfortable fit, so you can fully concentrate on your shooting skills.

With the Custom shoot earplugs you can choose from two types of materials: hard acrylic or soft silicone. You also choose the filter yourself. You have four choices, from low to extreme. At low, the earplugs attenuate 13 dB, which increases to no less than 30 dB at extreme.

Passive and active hearing protection

Audinc offers both passive and active hearing protection for shooting enthusiasts. Our passive earplugs are equipped with a heavily damping filter, which is ideal for shooting with heavy calibers. We always recommend using the highest damping filter for maximum protection. When shooting heavy calibers, we even recommend combining custom earplugs with earmuffs for extra safety.

We also have active hearing protection. These earplugs have an advanced electronic system that amplifies environmental sounds while effectively dampening harmful noises such as gunshots. This allows for better communication and awareness of your surroundings while shooting.

Do you want to protect your hearing as best as possible while practicing shooting sports? Make an appointment online today at one of our service locations and experience for yourself the difference that our custom earplugs for shooting sports can make for you.


high-quality case


Free customization of filters and controls

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