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  • Fun & original to give
  • Even more fun to get
  • The lucky person can schedule their own appointment
  • Determine the amount of the gift certificate yourself
  • Sent digitally


Are you looking for an original gift? Or would you like your partner/son/daughter to wear earplugs from now on? Audinc has the solution, namely giving an Audinc gift certificate. This entitles the lucky person to a set of earplugs of their choice.

Many people would like to have custom-made hearing protection fitted. They just don't know where and when they want to do this. As a result, the purchase is always postponed. And people still have sleepless nights. Or often come home with ringing ears.

With an Audinc gift certificate you make it easier for your friend/partner/child to take the plunge. He or she knows exactly where to go for custom-made earplugs. Moreover, you don't have to pay anything, because you have already taken care of that.

This voucher can be redeemed against a set of earplugs of your choice.

These are the earplugs available with a gift certificate worth €99.00:

Walkie-talkie earpiece

Also, the voucher can be redeemed against all sets worth €119.00, subject to additional payment

With a voucher of €119.00, the following earplugs are available:

With a voucher of €159.00, these earplugs can also be obtained:

The reasons to give an Audinc gift certificate:

  • Original

  • Useful

  • Protected against hearing damage (and thus a responsible gift)

Of course it is also possible to give your partner/friend/child/parent "just money" with which they can buy their own earplugs. Although this runs the risk of being spent on other things. Besides, a gift certificate looks more original than an envelope with money 😉

*Shouldyou want earplugs for the workplace, this can often be arranged through your employer. Read more about earplugs for companies here.


  • The gift certificate cannot be redeemed for cash
  • If the price of desired set of earplugs exceeds the value of the gift certificate, an additional payment is required
  • The gift certificate is valid for 2 years after purchase
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