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  • Mutes shots while amplifying ambient noise
  • 2 selectable programmes
  • Tailor-made for optimal wearing comfort
  • Suitable for long-term & daily use
  • Including handy storage pouch
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The new digital technology suppresses the loud noise of gunshots, while ambient sounds such as animal noises are amplified when there is no loud noise. Audinc Hearing Protection Shooting Sports Active features a hearing technology that protects hearing from impulse noise and continuous loud sounds while allowing normal or amplified communication and hearing

There are two programmes: standard and extra wind reduction. This programme, which is activated by pressing a button, reduces wind noise without sacrificing sounds such as animal cries and flapping of wings.

The small Active module has a battery, volume control and a digital processor system. The module can be easily removed so that the silicone caps can be cleaned.

Optional: The SRC harness is designed to be connected to the hearing protection system by means of a wireless connection to the user’s two-way radio or walkie-talkie, allowing two-way communication. The SCR harness simply plugs into the radio which can be worn under clothing and does not need to be operated once it is on and the channel is selected. The harness can be put over the head and worn under the clothing. The ring around the neck transmits audio wirelessly to the Active device while the built-in microphone ensures that contact with the environment is maintained. The microphone on the harness activates when the PTT button is pressed. Then the radio automatically goes into transmission mode.

The system allows two-way communication without having to remove the hearing protection, while maintaining contact with the surroundings.


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