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Active Shoot


  • Dampens shots while amplifying ambient noise
  • Acrylic (hard) material
  • Tailored for optimal wearing comfort
  • Can be adjusted for hearing loss
  • Includes handy storage pouch
  • Delivery +- 15 working days



The HA ACTIVE is an electronic, active hearing protection system with fully digital high-tech amplifier. The system is also suitable for people with hearing loss because it can be adjusted accordingly.


  • Protects against gunshots (up to 164 dB)
  • Electronic limiter closes in less than 10 milliseconds and reopens immediately afterwards
  • Supports in difficult listening situations, e.g. when communicating or perceiving soft sounds
  • HA ACTIVE PRO: Individually adapted to the wearer’s ear
  • Finely tuned and highly sensitive microphones
  • Also the best directional hearing
  • Outstanding high-tech amplifier technology for impulse noise
  • Cerumen filter system protects against moisture and sweat
  • Approval according to PPE guidelines and DIN EN 352-7
  • Perfectly tailored to the ear
  • Small design: almost no wind noise
  • Battery with a service life of approx. 60 hours
  • Volume control (stepless)
  • Colors: neon, black, blue, red
  • Can be adjusted for hearing loss


The HA ACTIVE is an electronic, active hearing protector with a fully digital high-tech amplifier, in which the finely tuned and highly sensitive microphones enable both the best directional hearing and optimal ambient hearing.

The combination of custom-made hearing protectors and our finely adjustable amplifier technology provides the best possible hearing protection. The HA ACTIVE can be used without problems up to an exposure level of 112 dB (A)! For people with existing hearing loss, the system can be adjusted accordingly to their needs.

However, it not only protects hearing, but also provides support in difficult hearing situations, e.g. in the early recognition of soft sounds during hunting.

The HA ACTIVE PRO can be fitted to individual hearing loss in 12 adjustable frequency bands (fitting is performed exclusively by Audinc®):

Audinc ACTIVE frequency bands
Criterion level: H = 112 dB (A) M = 106 dB (A) L = 103 dB (A)

The behavior of the high-tech amplifier technology during impulse noise, such as a bang or a gunshot (up to 164 dB), is excellent. The electronic limiter closes in less than ten milliseconds and then immediately reopens. The CeruStop wax filter system protects against avoidable repairs due to moisture and sweat.
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