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Are you looking for the best festival earbuds? Then you’ve come to the right place at Audinc.

This is because our earplugs for festivals are custom-made.

And with that, you get a special noise filter of your choice.

Special earplugs for your festivals

As a festival-goer or music lover, you regularly have to deal with loud music. Here, of course, you want to be able to safely enjoy the music optimally. In addition, it would be nice to be able to just talk to people and not go home with an annoying beep in your ear. Our custom-made festival earplugs are ideal to comfortably enjoy a festival or concert.

Unique filter

Our festival earphones have the best filters with “flat attenuation,” which means little or no distortion of the music. Your ears are protected from harmful decibels and yet it does not compromise perception.

In short: enjoy your festival in a comfortable but safe way!

New festival season

Mainly young people regularly attend festivals from mid-May to August. At these festivals, everyone is exposed to music that is too loud for a long time. Especially at festivals the music is so loud that hearing damage is caused within hours. In addition, young people go to festivals several times a week or month and the (damaged) cilia have no time to recover or recover from the loud music.

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We have several stores where you can make an appointment to come by. Then we will discuss, for example, what kind of festival earplugs you need and which filter we can best use for your lifestyle.

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