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Crafting and odd jobs hearing protection

If you’re regularly in contact with deafening noise while practicing your hobby, hearing protection is a must-have. The noise level while doing odd jobs in the house or garden, e.g. lawn mowing, can quickly reach up to 100 dB!


A noise level above 85 dB can damage your hearing permanently. It’s important to always wear hearing protection. The ordinary earplugs or earmuffs provide some protection, but unfortunately no comfort at all. Also they’re highly attenuating the sound, so important signals, such as warnings, are not audible anymore.


However, Audinc-Hobby is the hearing protection you were looking for! We offer the most comfortable hearing protection. Our experts personally measure the earplugs to ensure a perfect fit. Also we’re using a unique sound filter, which attenuates harmful noises to a save level and still makes it possible to communicate with others and hear distinctive sounds, such as warning signals.

Hobby hearing protection

Custom-made hearing protection with special filter for harmful noise while granting ability to communicate

Optimaal draagcomfort

Geschikt voor langdurig dagelijks gebruik

Keuze uit hard (acrylaat) of zacht (siliconen) materiaal

Verkrijgbaar in verschillende kleuren

Filter naar keuze (tussen SNR 15 tot 36 dB)

Inclusief handig opbergetui

Optioneel: handgreep+ koord en clip