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In-Ear Monitoring

On stage you want to focus on the music only. You don’t want to drag amps and you certainly don’t fancy an hour-long soundcheck. All you want is, to enjoy the music and marvellous hearing for years to come.


With the custom-made in-ear monitors (IEM) from Audinc your dreams come true.


Choose now for the small and lightweight ‘ears’: so comfortable in your ears that you’ll hardly feel it. Enjoy sublime sound while protecting your invaluable sense of hearing. Once our in-ears are custom-made for you, you can be wherever you want without worrying about irreversibly damaging your hearing. Every musician can design his own unique mix. Move freely on stage, don’t worry about the audio feedback or room acoustics. You no longer suffer from the loss of monitor sound and more importantly: you can enjoy the best hearing protection to the fullest.


We’ve also received positive feedback from various artists. They say that the sound in the hall is improving too, because the sound level on stage is lower. That certainly makes every audience enthusiastic!


The in-ear monitors can also be connected to other audio devices such as iPods and Mp3 players. The IEM is suitable for anyone who has high demands on sound experience.
The Audinc-IEM is craftsmanship at its best: an extremely sophisticated earplug.


Our in-ear monitors are suitable for professional audio users: top acts, sound engineers and passionate music lovers. The custom-made IEM completely merge with your ear canals and therefore fit perfectly. It muffles the ambient noise and protects your hearing, without having any impact on your sound experience.

Music Sleeve

Custom-made earplugs for your universal head phones

Send your in-ear headphones along and we’ll customize them for you

Examples of universal in-ears: Bose, Shure, Sennheiser, Beats

Includes practical storage box

Perfect fit

Available in different colours

Soft (silicone) material

Includes practical storage box

Custom-made in-ears


Custom-made in-ears with built-in speakers

Perfect fit

Available with 1, 2 or 3 drivers

Available in different colours

Verkrijgbaar in verschillende kleuren

Including convenient storage bag

Inclusief handig opbergetui