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Custom-made sleeping earplugs

Having a good night’s sleep is important for everyone. Unfortunately, the inner peace is sometimes disturbed by noise or strange sounds. For example during your holiday: in a tent, bungalow, hotel or apartment. But even on your own ground, noises such as snoring, street noises, mosquitoes or your neighbours can disturb your sleep. Our custom-made sleeping earplugs combine the highest comfort with the best attenuation. Distinctive and vital noises, such as the alarm clock or the fire alarm, remain audible of course. Ideal for getting a good night’s sleep in noisy surroundings.


Audinc sleep

Comfortable sleeping earplugs

Perfect fit

Suitable for everyday and long-term use

Super soft material (25 shore)

Available in different colours

Includes practical storage box

Made in our own 3D laboratory