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Custom-made swimming earplugs

We all want to enjoy a dive in the swimming pool or a hot shower. For people with sensitive auditory canals this isn’t a matter of course. Luckily, Audinc-Swimming offers the perfect solution: custom-made ear plugs. They ensure that your ear canals are watertight while still letting sounds through. This means that you can finally hear the phone ringing while you’re in the shower. Children are also very happy with this ear protection, because they finally can understand the bath attendant’s instructions.


This product is custom-made by our experts so that we can guarantee you a perfect fit. Our earplugs are made of skin-friendly material and are ideal for regular use.


With Audinc-Swimming, earache is a thing of the past!

Custom swimming plugs with special filter

Gehoorbescherming met speciaal filter voor onder water

Perfect fit

Unique filter

Suitable for long-term and everyday use

Made of soft and floating material

Available in different colours

Made in our own 3D laboratory

Includes practical storage box

Prijs per set: Excl. BTW: € 90,08

Prijs per set: Incl. BTW: € 109,-