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Earplugs for sleeping | Are they safe?

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A good night's sleep is essential, but unfortunately not obvious to everyone. Things like snoring and noise from the neighbors can make it difficult to fall asleep. Although earplugs for sleeping can offer a solution. The question is, are they actually safe?

We just read a report on Omroep Brabant of a woman who was rescued from a burning chalet by her dog. The person in question was apparently asleep when the house caught fire. Then the smoke alarm went off, but because of the earplugs she had in, she didn't hear it. Fortunately, there was also her dog, who became agitated by the fire and thus managed to wake his owner. As a result, the two managed to escape just in time.

An extraordinary story, but one thing that struck us: the fact that the earplugs prevented the woman from being able to hear the smoke alarm. After all, as a manufacturer of sleep plugs, we know that this is anything but.

This is why we fit our sleep earplugs with a special filter at all times, which muffles annoying sounds, but ensures that you can still hear important alarm signals - such as the smoke detector, for example . Although it now appears that this is not the case with all "earplugs for sleep." We don't know exactly what kind of earplugs the person in the aforementioned news report was wearing, but presumably it was the universal kind. By this we mean earplugs that are not custom-made and fit everyone.

Of course, this does not mean that all universal sleep earplugs are unsafe, but it does mean that with some you are at risk. Hence, we recommend everyone to choose custom-made earplugs. Not only when it comes to sleep, but also, for example, if you want custom-made earplugs for industry. After all, in such environments there may also be alarm signals or warnings from colleagues, which you would not hear with earmuffs, for example.


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