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Motorcycle earplugs | Why you too can benefit from this!

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It may have been just a touch too warm this past week, but other than that, this is the ideal season to hit the road by motorcycle. However, you do run the risk of suffering hearing damage. This is because both the motorcycle and wind noise can be a huge strain on your hearing. However, fitting motorcycle earplugs can ensure that you can easily avoid this.

Motorcycling is a beautiful sport, but it involves a lot of noise. Despite the fact that as a motorcyclist you probably like this very much, your hearing is undoubtedly less happy about it.

This is because the wind noise you hear through the helmet is easily 95 decibels anyway and such noise from 80 db can be harmful. Although you can expose yourself to 80 decibels for a few minutes, riding for half an hour at 100 db is a different story. This is because the higher the noise level, the faster you will be damaged.

In addition to hearing loss, this can also cause you to suffer from tinnitus. This is a condition where you constantly hear an annoying beep. Or another sound that isn't actually there.

Preventing hearing damage

Fortunately, there is a way to protect yourself from the noise - with custom-made earplugs. These filter the noise, but fortunately you can still hear important traffic signals. This is because these earplugs have a special filter that does not block your hearing, but only attenuates the sound.

If you want to enjoy this hearing protection, we need to measure your motorcycle earplugs. We take an impression of your ears, which we use to make unique motorcycle earplugs that fit your ears precisely. The result is both maximum comfort and optimal protection against noise. In addition, we always give you the opportunity to change filters free of charge. Should you find that your current earplugs muffle too much or too little.

On-site fitting of motorcycle earplugs

Do you also want to protect yourself from wind noise and other noise on the motorcycle? Feel free to make an appointment. More information about fitting motorcycle earplugs can be found on our product page.


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