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Festival | 4 reasons to bring earplugs

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Do you have a festival planned this summer? Here are 4 reasons to bring custom-made earplugs.

1. Earplugs prevent hearing damage

In principle, all earplugs should protect you from hearing damage. In practice, however, not every kind of earplug works equally well. With the Audinc earplugs you will certainly be well protected. So you can continue to enjoy music for years to come.

2. You can hear the music better

Custom-made earplugs filter the noise, but make sure you hear the music just right. And that's exactly what you want as a music lover, right?

3. You can talk better

You may be asking yourself, "can I still understand my friends with those earbuds in?".

Yes. When you wear custom-made earplugs, you can actually understand each other better. This is one of the big differences from disposable earplugs, which block all sound. Our custom-made earplugs filter only the harmful sounds. Conversations actually work better because of this.

By the way, that also makes it easier to partake with cute guys or girls at the festival. In some cases, you can even hear what those two ladies behind you are saying about you....

4. They are more valuable

One of the few disadvantages of custom-made earplugs is that they are a lot more expensive, but as Johan Cruijff always says, "Every disadvantage has its advantage."

If you paid money for your earplugs, you are a lot more careful about them compared to when you got free earplugs. Also, that's why you want to use them more, so you take them more often.

"Yeah, but if I lose them it's just a real shame"

That's right. That's why you can request an additional 20 euros warranty on your earbuds.

"All nice and well, but I think you're just trying to peddle earplugs because you're making money off of them."

That's right, we do indeed earn from it. After all, it is our job. Still, we wouldn't be doing this work if we didn't recognize how important it is to take care of your ears. Most Audinc employees also always carry their own set of custom-made earplugs.

Many people regret going to many festivals without any protection. They now suffer from hearing damage and other ear disorders. Please don't let it come to that with you. Wear custom-made earplugs.


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