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For maintenance and preservation of your hearing protection


For maintenance and preservation of your hearing protection




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Use our cleaning kit to keep your earplugs in top condition
Extend life through proper maintenance
It is easy to clean your earplugs

If you want to keep your hearing protection in top condition, you need a cleaning kit. It allows you to remove dirt and bacteria from the earplugs, and also comes with a storage pouch to keep them clean when not in use.

Maintenance is important to extend the life of your hearing protection and ensure they continue to work effectively. Choose your earbud accessories now.

It is currently not possible to place an order online, please mail the order to info@audinc.nl


How to clean hearing protection

Cleaning your hearing protection is a simple process that requires only a few supplies. Here's how to do it:

1. Remove the earplugs from the cleaning kit and dip them into the cleaning solution.

2. Rub the caps together in your hands to remove dirt or bacteria.

3. Rinse the caps with clean water and shake off the excess.

4. Put the plugs in the storage pouch and close it.

Your hearing protection is now clean and ready to use!


How to store hearing protection

When you're not using your hearing protectors, it's important to store them clean and safe. A cleaning kit can help you keep them free of dirt and bacteria, and a sleeve or storage box protects them from dust and other debris.

Follow the cleaning instructions carefully - otherwise you may damage your earplugs and reduce their effectiveness.

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