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Our custom-made sleep earplugs combine the highest comfort with the best protection. The earplugs ensure that annoying noises are virtually eliminated, without completely sealing off the ear. As a result, alarm signals such as those from alarm clocks and fire alarms remain audible. Ideal for sleeping in a noisy environment.

Sleeping well is important for everyone. Unfortunately, that peace and quiet is sometimes disturbed by noise or strange noises. For example during your holiday: in a tent, bungalow, hotel or flat. But also in your own familiar surroundings, noise such as snoring, street noise, mosquitoes or noise from neighbours can disturb your sleep.

Audinc Sleep is worn mainly by people working night shifts and sleeping during the day. But of course you can also wear this hearing protection when you want to read or study quietly. Of course, these sleeping plugs are also made to measure.

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Customised sleeping earplugs
from Audinc

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100% comfort guarantee
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Our earplugs for the sleeper

Why sleep earplugs?

Do you have a partner who snores or do you live near a busy road? Noise pollution can cause a disturbed night’s sleep. By using sleep earplugs with a special filter you block out these noises, you get a better night’s sleep and feel a lot fitter during the day.

Tailor-made earplugs

Our sleep earplugs are custom-made so they are always comfortable and provide optimal noise isolation. By first making a fit of your ear, we look at the inner shape of your ear and we can make earplugs that exactly fit your ear. If you choose custom-made sleeping plugs, you choose 100% comfort and a good night’s sleep.

Earplugs for side sleepers

Custom-made earplugs often stick out of your ear, making sleeping on your side less comfortable. Our custom-made earplugs do not stick out so you do not experience extra pressure in your ears.

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Frequently asked questions about Customised sleeping earplugs

Do I feel the sleep earplugs when I wear them?

The sleeping earplugs are custom-made and do not stick out of the ears. This allows you to lie comfortably on your side without feeling pressure on or in your ear (shell).

In what situations can I use sleep earplugs?

The earplugs are designed to feel comfortable while sleeping, no matter where you are. Whether you are in your own bed or on the plane or in the car, the comfort is the same. So you can sleep undisturbed wherever you are.

What can I still hear with sleep earplugs in?

The sleep earplugs are fitted with an acoustic filter which attenuates ambient noise. The filters are designed in such a way that you can still hear the warning sounds of, for example, your alarm clock, fire alarm or other emergency signals.

Are the sleep earplugs reusable?

Yes, they are. What's more, we give you at least a 2-year warranty on your earplugs so that you can reuse them without worrying.

How long do the sleep earplugs last?

We give at least a 2-year guarantee on your sleeping earplugs. In order to enjoy your earplugs for longer, we recommend that you clean them regularly in accordance with the instructions and store them in the packaging provided.

How do I store the sleep earplugs?

Each set of earplugs comes with a handy storage pouch. This prevents your earplugs from getting dirty or getting lost.

What if I have lost one of my sleep earplugs?

Have you lost one of your earplugs? No problem, contact us and we will see if we can send you a replacement.

How do I put the sleep earplugs in my ear?

When you put your ears in for the first time, they feel a little rough. We give you a special ointment so that they will slide in easily. After a few times the ointment will no longer be needed and you will be able to put them in without any effort.

Are the sleep earplugs also suitable for children?

Yes, the sleep plugs are also suitable for children. The ears are measured by a hearing expert and the earplugs are made to measure.

How do you clean the sleep earplugs?

The earplugs can be rinsed with lukewarm water. We do not recommend using soap when cleaning your earplugs in order to extend their lifetime.

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