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Audinc Porto is a special communication earpiece. It is used by police people, security services, fire brigades and other emergency workers.

Audinc Porto allows you to stay connected to the communication system, but also has a special opening that allows you to still hear ambient sounds with both ears. This is important when what happens on the street is just as important as what you hear in the control room.

Communication and protection

Audinc PortoProtect is both a hearing protector and a communication device.
This earpiece is ideal for noisy circumstances in which good (continuous) communication is important, for example on building sites and at music concert security.

Audinc PortoProtect also remains comfortable in the ear under the most diverse conditions. It is made of anti-allergic material that is also suitable for fire and explosion risk areas.

The great advantage is that ambient noise is allowed through, but harmful noise peaks are stopped. So you can go about your business, while your hearing is optimally protected. The product has been treated with an anti-bacterial lacquer layer.

Customised radio earphones
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