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Engine noise and wind noise can cause permanent damage to your hearing; at 100 km/h the noise level is often as low as 94 decibels! This is in spite of the fact that hearing damage can be caused from as little as 80 dB.

Audinc Motorsport Hearing Protection is specially designed to protect you from this.

This hearing protection is individually measured by a professional and contains a unique attenuation filter. This filter attenuates the harmful noise to a safe level, while you can still hear all traffic signals. These hearing protectors are therefore also ideal for kart drivers, racing drivers and convertible drivers.

Audinc Motorsport Hearing Protection can be worn comfortably under a helmet and is made of skin-friendly material. This hearing protection is also available with an ‘earpiece’, so you can continue to listen to your navigation system, communication equipment or MP3 player.

Motorbike Earplugs
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Our earplugs for motorcyclists

Hearing damage caused by a loud engine

Motorbikes make loud noises and the louder the engine, the louder that noise becomes. This has to do with the engine speed and the wind that rushes past the helmet. Even short trips can put you at risk of hearing damage. Below is a table of the risks you run when riding a motorbike.


Speed Average volume of wind noise under a helmet Maximum time without risk of hearing damage
100 km/u                               94 dB 15 minutes
120 km/u                               98 dB 7 minutes
140 km/u                              102 dB 3 minutes
160 km/u                              106 dB 90 seconds

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Hearing damage even with helmet

Not all helmets protect you from hearing damage. In fact, even the more expensive helmets do not protect your ears sufficiently against wind noise. With special earplugs for the motorbike, you have extra protection for your ears.

Safe filter earplugs for the engine

I have earplugs that block out all the noise, am I safe now? No, as a motorcyclist you need to know what is going on around you in order to move safely through traffic. You need all your senses for this. Universal earplugs are often not suitable for this. These earplugs block out all sound, making you less aware of the traffic and emergency signals around you. Our filter earplugs let the important sounds through so you can be safe on the road.

Customised motorbike earplugs

To make the perfect earplugs for you, we make a mould of your ear canal. On the basis of this mould, we can make earplugs which exactly fit the shape of your ears so no sound can sneak in. This personalised fit also means that the earplugs do not bother you when you are wearing a helmet. This makes longer rides more comfortable and safer.

Motorbike Earplugs

Wearing earplugs when riding a motorbike reduces the risk of permanent hearing damage. Have your own ears measured now for custom-made earplugs. Make your appointment here.


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Frequently asked questions about Motorbike Earplugs

How long can you drive without risk of hearing damage?

How long you can drive without risk of hearing damage varies between 15 minutes and 90 seconds. We are looking here from the speed 100 km / h and then you can drive 15 minutes without the risk of hearing damage increases. If you drive at 160 km/h, the chance of hearing damage increases after just 90 seconds.

What do you avoid with earplugs when motorcycling?

In addition to hearing loss, you may also suffer from tinnitus, also known as ringing in the ears. It comes in many forms and has many causes. Hearing a continuous sound, which in reality is not there, has an enormous impact on a life. You constantly hear a squeak or hiss in your ear or the sound is something that repeatedly recurs throughout the day.

Is it safe to ride a motorbike with earplugs?

Yes. Our custom-made earplugs protect you only from noise. Fortunately, you can still hear important traffic signals. This is possible because these earplugs have a special filter that does not close off your hearing, but only muffles the sound a little.

Do I feel the engine earplugs while driving?

The motorbike earplugs are custom-made. This means that the earplug seals off your ear canal seamlessly and that your helmet can easily be fitted over it. The earplugs fit so well that after a while you do not even feel them anymore.

How do I clean the motorbike earplugs?

For cleaning the earplugs, we recommend using a special spray that does not damage the plug's silicone. We strongly advise against using soap as this may damage the silicone and cause the earplugs to become rough.

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