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Special earplugs for music

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The best filters have ‘flat attenuation’, which means that the music has little or no distortion. Your ears are protected against harmful decibels and this does not affect your perception. In short: experience your passion for music in a comfortable but safe way!

As a music lover or musician, you can often be found at a concert, festival, bar or club. Of course, you want to enjoy the sound to the full. It would also be nice to be able to talk to people and not go home with an annoying ringing in your ears. However, most standard earplugs make the sound unrealistic and dull.
They are also uncomfortable to wear. This is not an option.

Even if you work in the hospitality industry or are a DJ or technician, you can use our hearing protection. Our hearing protectors are made of soft silicone material or hard acrylic material. This material is low allergenic and easy to keep clean due to the application of a special layer. In addition, the material is very strong and the earplugs are suitable for daily, long-term use.

The earplugs are measured by one of our professionals. This ensures optimal wearing comfort.

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Music earplugs
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Frequently asked questions about Music earplugs

Hoe worden oordoppen op maat aangemeten & geproduceerd ?

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What is the difference between Custom Music and Authentic earplugs?

The Custom Music earplugs have a tube filter. A tube filter dampens the high tones much more heavily, so that music and conversations can sound a bit dull. There is a flat filter in Authentic earplugs. A flat filter attenuates the sound evenly across the high, mid and low tones. So everything is muted equally hard. In terms of protection, they both do the same. The difference is therefore mainly in a better music experience and communication with the Authentic earplugs.

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