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Hearing is an important sense. It is also a sense that is damaged in many people. Nowadays many people come into contact with loud noises with some regularity. For example, if you regularly listen to loud music, your hearing can suffer considerably. People who work in a noisy environment also have a high risk of hearing damage. This does not mean that you should completely avoid festivals or look for other work. At Audinc we are able to produce earplugs that specifically filter certain sounds. Curious about the custom price earplugs? We make custom earplugs for every budget.

Custom earplugs cannot be compared with the earplugs you buy in the store. For starters, our custom earplugs filter specific sounds. This will not damage your hearing, but you can still hear ambient sounds. In addition, the earplugs also have a unique fit. The earplugs are made specifically for your ear canals. We also produce custom earplugs at Audinc at a price that you will not easily find elsewhere. Feel free to compare our custom-made earplugs with those of our competitors. The exact price you order for the custom earplugs also depends on which of our earplugs you choose. On this page we will mention some of the options, so that you get a good idea of ​​the prices.

Custom earplugs for swimming

While most earplugs we produce filter a certain sound, our earplugs for swimming do not. These earplugs prevent water from entering your ear canals, but ensure that ambient noise remains intelligible. If you have sensitive ear canals or wear tubes, taking a dip is not always pleasant. In this case, the swim earplugs from Audinc will be a real godsend. In addition, we can also supply the earplugs with a special removable cord. These earplugs are ideal for surfing or sailing.

Our swimming earplugs offer optimum wearing comfort and are suitable for daily use. The caps are made of a soft and floating material, so you don’t lose them quickly. Which custom earplugs price can you expect? The price for custom swimming caps includes VAT of €109.

Hearing protection for the workplace

Do you come into contact with loud noises a lot during your work? Or do you, as an employer, want to protect the hearing of your staff? Even then we at Audinc are able to produce earplugs with a perfect filter. We are happy to visit the location to perform a measurement on the staff. In addition, we can immediately check on location what kind of filter we should use. Tailor-made hearing protection for construction is in many cases mandatory. When staff members come into contact with sounds of 80 decibels and above, the employer must make a budget available for hearing protectors such as custom earplugs. This does not only apply to companies in the construction industry, but to any company in which employees come into contact with noise. This is a law that we at Audinc fully support, because loud machines can cause a lot of damage to hearing.

The price you pay for our hearing protection for companies depends on how many sets you purchase. For 1 to 5 sets you pay €83 per set excluding VAT. With 6 to 10 sets this is an amount of €79. If you buy 11 to 25 sets, you only pay €75 per set. From 26 sets you get the custom earplugs price on request. Curious about the price? Request a quote immediately.

Complementary services

Besides the fact that our custom earplugs have a competitive price, there are many more reasons to choose Audinc. The unique fit is a good example of this. In addition, we also have a number of services for which you pay little as an Audinc customer. We can perform free leak tests for most of our earplugs. In addition, it is also free to replace the filters in many cases. You will receive your custom earplugs within 10 working days after measuring. Do you need the earplugs urgently? Then you pay only €19 extra for an urgent delivery. In this case you will receive the earplugs within 3 working days.

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