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Are you looking for an otoplasty? Then Audinc is the right place for you.

We make custom earplugs for everyone and every situation.

Our otoplastics are specially made for you from high-quality materials.

It is the best possible hearing protection and they are designed to last for years.


Otoplastics are earplugs that are custom made. If you have otoplastics fitted, you will receive earplugs with a unique fit that fit perfectly on your ear canal.

In addition, your sound situation is also taken into account when designing the earplugs. At Audinc we produce custom earplugs for individuals and companies. Hearing is one of your five senses. At Audinc, we believe that your hearing should not be damaged.

Yet many people come into contact with loud noises almost every day. This can quickly have negative consequences for your hearing. If you also regularly come into contact with loud noises, it is wise to have the right hearing protection measured.

In addition, there are also people who use hearing protection while sleeping and while swimming. At Audinc we have otoplastics for every sector and every profession.

Otoplastics with the perfect filter

At Audinc we are specialized in otoplastics. We make your earplugs completely custom. We will work with you to determine which product is best for your situation.

Our specialists are happy to tell you about the different options. For example, we are able to provide otoplastics with a filter, so that certain sounds in particular become less intense. This enables us to optimize the earplugs for specific sports and activities.

At Audinc we make filters for people with all kinds of different hobbies. For example, we can make optimized otoplastics for motorsports and festivals.

Because the sound filter of the otoplastics is specifically tuned to the activities of the wearer, the hearing is well protected. For example, you do not have to worry for a moment that you will suffer hearing damage.

Are you regularly found at festivals or do you work in an environment with a lot of noise? Then it is essential to take otoplastics with the right filter. Are you having a filter made at Audinc and do you find out later that you would like to have a different filter? In this case you can make use of our lifetime filter adjustment guarantee.

You will continue to hear ambient sounds

Audinc’s otoplastics ensure that the wearer is no longer bothered by the sounds that pose a threat to their hearing.

However, you can still hear the surrounding sounds well. As a festival goer you can continue to enjoy the music. If you use otoplastics in construction, you will continue to hear your colleagues clearly. This makes otoplastics safer and also much more pleasant than regular earplugs.

Of course there are also some exceptions to this. For example, we can produce otoplastics for sleeping where you hear as little ambient noise as possible. This can be a good idea, especially if you’re having trouble falling asleep.

Even if you regularly take the plane, it can be wise to have custom earplugs made. Wearing your otoplastics on the plane reduces the pressure on your ears during takeoff.

Not everyone has pressure in their ears when flying, but if you do, it can be very painful. Fortunately, this is easily remedied by means of custom-made earplugs. You can also contact Audinc for this.

Fit test of the otoplastics

A study by the Royal College of General Practitioners found that human ears grow an average of 2.2 millimeters per year. The ear canal also partly consists of elastic cartilage, which means that the shape of your ear canal can change over time. Even if you have very high quality earplugs, the fit may no longer be ideal after a few years.

On average, this is the case after five years. At Audinc, we like to determine whether your custom earplugs still have the most ideal fit. Since this cannot be seen with the naked eye, we use a so-called leak test. All our earplugs can be digitally tested to see if they still fit the shape of your ear canal.

Before we perform a leak test, the otoplastics are cleaned ultrasonically. After this, you put in your otoplastics and we attach a thin air tube to it. We build up a small pressure of 5 millibars in the ear. This only takes 5 seconds per ear. You hardly feel anything and testing the fit is completely painless. Are minor adjustments or repairs required? Then we can execute it immediately.

Our specialists are also happy to visit the workplace

At Audinc we provide both individuals and companies with otoplastics. As an employer, do you want to be sure that the hearing of your staff is not damaged?

In this case, our specialists can measure the otoplastics on location. In addition, our specialists on location can also immediately assess which attenuation filter best suits the sound situation.

Audinc hearing protection meets all the requirements of the Health and Safety Act. If employees are exposed to sounds of 80 decibels and above, the employer must make hearing protectors available.

If employees are exposed to 85 decibels and above on a daily basis, it is also mandatory to wear the hearing protectors during the exposure period. An action plan must also be drawn up. These rules have been tightened up since April 21, 2019.

The earplugs now have to be leak tested both when they are put into use and every 2 years. If it is not possible to test earplugs for leaks, they should be replaced every 4 years. We can test these digitally for all Audinc earplugs.

Questions about otoplastics for our staff ?

Are you still unsure about having custom earplugs made? Or do you have specific questions about Audinc’s services? We are happy to tell you everything about our otoplastics. Not everyone has good hearing. Nowadays people come into contact with loud noises much more than in the past.

It is therefore a good idea to take measures to prevent damage to your hearing. Custom earplugs help you to prevent permanent hearing damage. Our specialists are happy to tell you more about Audinc earplugs. So feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products.

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