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The advantages and disadvantages of swim caps

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Despite the ever-growing range of sports and other leisure activities, swimming remains very popular. Still, there are some people who would rather not do it because they may get water in their ears. Fortunately, custom-made earplugs - especially swimming plugs - can protect against that.

Swimming is an activity that has an awful lot of benefits. Not only is it super healthy, there is also a very low chance of getting injuries. This is in contrast to sports like fitness and running, where people tend to get a little sore. Nevertheless, there are occasional inconveniences even while swimming. Many people complain about water running into their ears. Especially persons who have tubes in their ears. Not only is the feeling unpleasant, but all kinds of irritations can also occur. However, this is preventable.

When wearing custom-made swimming plugs, no water will be able to enter the ear. This is because these variant earplugs know how to seal the ear perfectly. In addition, because of the special material, they are also more comfortable than universal earplugs or cotton wool.

There is also a special filter in the earplugs that ensures that important sounds (such as instructions from the lifeguard) can still be heard. The ear is thus completely sealed off from water, but not from sound.

However, the price is just a bit higher than regular earbuds, but they do last much longer. Also, they are made of floating material, so you won't lose them immediately if they fall in the water. Although, because of the fit, it is actually rare for them to fall out of the ear. If desired, you can also get a handy carrying cord with them.

Do you regularly suffer from water while swimming or showering? Check out the product page for swimming earplugs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


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