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Festival season has begun! | Festival hearing

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Beer, sunshine and countless artists in various genres...festival season has begun again!

Another thing that seems almost inevitable at most festivals is loud music. Whether you like to be at Defqon or prefer Pinkpop, the volume is always on full blast. This is not a bad thing at all for most festival-goers, as it allows them to enjoy their favorite music to the fullest. But don't forget your custom-made earplugs.

Festival Hearing Damage?

The only downside is that this puts you at high risk of hearing damage.

''Yes, but at an open-air festival you don't suffer as much from it anyway'' That's right. You do indeed have LESS trouble with it compared to a concert hall. Unfortunately, that does NOT mean you are completely risk-free. In fact, you are almost as likely to suffer hearing damage outdoors as in a hall.

You've probably heard a "beep" in your ears after you've spent an evening at the pub. You heard this when you were back in a quiet environment. Well, that 'squeak' actually means that slight hearing damage has already occurred. Fortunately, in most cases, this squeak goes away the next day.

''In most cases?'' Yes, you read that correctly. This squeak is unfortunately permanent for some people. You then suffer from tinnitus. This condition is currently not curable, and can only be alleviated with much effort and treatment. People who frequent festivals are at high risk of eventually contracting tinnitus.

In addition to tinnitus, you are also at risk of hearing loss, which causes you to hear less and worse. And that's a shame, because of course you want to be able to enjoy good music all your life.

Fortunately, free earplugs are handed out at many festivals. It's just a shame that the quality of these disposable plugs is often very poor. Although anything is better than nothing to protect your ears.

Yet these poor quality earplugs often bring inconveniences. For example, most of these plugs are very uncomfortable. And certain varieties can also break in your ears. Fortunately, in most cases this is not harmful, but it can cause your ears to need to be cleaned out. And on top of that, it also leaves you with less protection. On top of that, it is not easy to get those earplugs at every festival. It can then become a time-consuming task to find plugs. This is probably why many people ''think it's fine'' and don't wear earplugs.

This is also not a big deal for once (usually). Unless you're one of the unfortunate ones who suffers hearing damage even while attending a festival, because unfortunately this is also possible. And a recent study shows that as many as one in four young people already suffer from hearing damage. (Source: http: //www.hoorstichting.nl/nieuws/e-n-op-de-vier-jongeren-gehoorschade)

The advantage to custom-made earplugs is that you can be sure your ears are well protected. They are also a lot more comfortable than most standard earplugs. Another advantage is that you can still enjoy the music optimally and even have better conversations.

If you only visit a festival once a year, then standard earplugs are fine. Should you visit festivals more often, it is definitely recommended to purchase custom earplugs.


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