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What is that squeak in your ear after going out?

What is that squeak in your ear after going out anyway?

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In this blog you will learn:

  • What that ringing in your ears is
  • Why this beep is harmful
  • How to avoid this squeak from now on
  • However, when this beep is harmless
  • What you can try now to alleviate the squeak

The infamous "beep"

You'll probably recognize it. You spent an evening at the pub or attended a concert.
It was fun and entertaining and you spent the whole evening in loud music. Whether you actively danced or were too busy flirting, your ears took quite a beating. Hence, you had a ringing in your ears when you got home.

Chances are you are used to this by now and thus pay little attention to it. This while it is indeed an important signal. After all, a ringing in your ears could mean that you have suffered hearing damage. In addition, you run the risk of developing permanent tinnitus.


Tinnitus is a condition in which people hear so-called "mock noises. This can manifest as whooshing, humming, buzzing, whistling or squeaking and is often continuous.

However, not much is known about the exact cause of tinnitus. However, it is clear that people with tinnitus have often been exposed to noise for a long time, for example while going out, riding a motorcycle or working with machinery.

Unfortunately, until now there is hardly any treatment or medicine for tinnitus. However, for certain causes, the disease can be somewhat reduced by treatment. However, most treatment methods hardly work at all.

So the vast majority of people who suffer from tinnitus suffer from it forever. Unless a new drug ever comes on the market.

Want more information about tinnitus? Then the links below may be of interest to you:

Preventing the beep

Hopefully you now understand that this beep can be very bad for your hearing. It would be good if you try to avoid this from now on. You may be asking yourself how you do this.

You could avoid situations with noise from now on. Although we understand that this is not really fun. Especially if you are still young. It would be boring if you have to stay home all weekend while your friends do go out.

Another solution would be to find cafes where the volume is a little lower. This in itself is not so wrong, since you can also hear each other better there. Still, there's a good chance that every now and then you'll also just want to go to a festival or club where the volume is just full blast.

In that case, you could use custom-made earplugs, as these are specially made to protect the ears from loud music. Since they are tailored to your ears, they are also a lot nicer than ''normal'' earplugs whose protection is not always guaranteed.

There are several varieties available. For example, you have custom-made earplugs for construction workers, motorcyclists and people who like to sleep better. You as a reader will probably benefit most from music plugs. This is because these are specifically designed for protection during festivals, concerts and going out in general.

The beauty of these music plugs is that only the harmful sounds are filtered out. Therefore, you can still enjoy the music; according to some users, you can even hear it better. Having conversations also goes better when you wear custom-made earplugs.

More than a sales pitch

You might think now that we're just trying to scare you into ordering our earplugs. We do not deny that we are indeed responding to the global increase in tinnitus. We too want to make money and this is a great opportunity. However, this does NOT mean that tinnitus is not a serious problem. If you don't believe us, take a look at the comments under any YouTube video about tinnitus. You will read many responses from people who would literally do anything to get rid of that irritating squeak. In addition, there are many news reports that agree that tinnitus is a serious problem.

Hence, we want to save you, the reader, from this. We would hate for you to have your hearing damaged. That is why we think it is important that you buy earplugs. Even if it is from one of our competitors.

An innocent squeak

It is possible that after reading this blog, you will henceforth be startled at every beep-like sound you hear.
Fortunately, this is not necessary. There are many people who perceive the occasional beep in their ear. Usually when it is otherwise quiet in the room. What exactly this is we will tell you in another blog, but it is usually harmless.

Relieve Tinnitus

As we indicated earlier, there are many people who would be only too happy to get rid of their tinnitus. Hence, there are also many ''quacks'' operating who claim to be able to cure this condition. Unfortunately, these are often crooks who only play on other people's misery. Make sure you don't fall for this!

Still, what we have found that can relieve the squeak (temporarily). It's not a ''miracle cure'' but it apparently works quite well. The idea is to sit quietly and listen to this with earplugs (not too loud of course). If all goes well, this will temporarily reduce your tinnitus. Not only while listening, but sometimes even for a while afterwards. So maybe it's worth a try!


Note: Make sure you never listen to this too loudly. Also, we cannot guarantee that this will work for you.


We hope that it is now a little clearer where that squeak comes from and how you can prevent it from now on. If you need more information or advice, feel free to contact us. Even if you don't want to order earplugs.


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