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Why the music in clubs is so loud

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If you regularly visit a festival or club, you have undoubtedly noticed it: the high volume of the music. Maybe you just like it: the vibrations of the bass and But at the same time, the loud noise makes it hard to have a good conversation. Let alone what the loud beats do to your hearing! One might wonder why the music is so loud in many places of entertainment. We figured it out for you.

An optimal experience

A major reason for high volume in clubs and at festivals is the experience. Compare it to a movie in which a spectacular action scene takes place. Such a scene would have a lot less impact if the explosions, screams and gunshots sounded softer.

Feel the physical impact

Music at a high volume not only resonates in your ears, but sometimes makes your entire body vibrate. Do you feel the bass in your body during a concert or club night? That's the power of high volume! For many attendees, it's not just about hearing, but also feeling. By turning up the volume, music becomes more than just a sound experience. It is something you feel, from your toes to your crown.

Experiencing the entire sound spectrum

If the sound of the music is too soft, you can't hear some parts of the music as well. This happens especially with the low notes, such as those of a bass guitar or drum. To make sure you hear the music in all its facets properly, entertainment venues often turn up the volume.

Ambient noise silenced

The parties we are talking about here often take place in rooms full of people and ambient noise. By turning up the music, organizers ensure that the music is the main sound in the room. This eliminates the distracting murmur of the crowd and the rattle of the cocktail shakers.

Protect yourself from hearing damage

Now you understand why the music is so loud at festivals and clubs. Does this mean we should all get tinnitus after a festival weekend? We don't think that's a good idea.

Fortunately, music doesn't have to be dangerously loud to have an impact. Audinc recommends wearing earplugs designed specifically for music events. These earplugs reduce the volume in your ears without sacrificing music quality.

So protect your hearing without losing the experience and invest in good earplugs specifically for music to strike a healthy balance between enjoyment and prevention. The choice ultimately lies with you.


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