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Hearing protection in construction is essential. We offer the best earplugs for construction.

Our earplugs are custom-made. This has many advantages.

The importance of good hearing protection and earplugs in construction

Thinking about hearing protection at work? Then construction is the sector that probably comes to mind first.

But what about your own personnel? Do they already wear proper hearing protection when they are working in construction? By that we mean custom-made construction earplugs. Those that fit exactly and therefore offer the best protection.

Construction earplugs in practice

Also, does your staff know when to put the earplugs in? Good earplugs are no use if they are mainly in their pockets. Education is therefore incredibly important.

The same goes for proper fit of earplugs. Only if your staff is not inconvenienced from wearing them will earplugs become as normal as a helmet or safety shoes.

The risks for hearing damage on construction sites.

Hearing damage already occurs with daily exposure to more than 80 dB. This is why the guidelines state that construction workers can hear 86 dB for a maximum of one hour.

These are noise levels that are common on construction sites. Just think about the amount of noise that rotating machinery, pile driving, demolition or tools cause. Then you are so above noise levels that are safe for the ears.

Prevent hearing damage

After prolonged exposure to so much noise without hearing protection, hearing damage occurs. This has unpleasant consequences such as tinnitus, a squeaky sound, noise and deafness.

Added to these are often fatigue, stress, difficulty concentrating and high blood pressure. These symptoms are sometimes so bad that burnout, depression or permanent disability result.

The right hearing protection for construction

To avoid the drastic consequences of hearing damage, the right hearing protection is indispensable on construction sites. Therefore, choose custom-made otoplastics for your employees. These can be used daily and for long periods without any problems.

This is, of course, ideal for construction work. And because they are tailored, they are also very comfortable to wear.

The best sound filters

The nice thing about special earplugs for construction is the ability to change sound filters. Not every job requires the same level of protection. With different filters, your personnel always have the right protection at their fingertips.

Working safely with earplugs for construction

Hearing damage is in the top 3 of occupational diseases. Despite knowing a lot about the dangers, unfortunately there is still not enough attention paid to proper hearing protection.

Construction workers are an important risk group for hearing damage. Prevent your workforce from being sidelined for long periods of time with hearing problems too by offering the right earplugs for construction.

Audinc earplugs for you!

At Audinc, we custom measure your staff's construction hearing protection. We offer a 100% comfort guarantee and short delivery times. In addition, your staff is always welcome for free filter changes and checks. So you can be sure they are always wearing the right hearing protection.

Want to know more about hearing protection for construction? Then feel free to contact us. You can also request a no-obligation quotation. Or immediately make an appointment for your staff to have earplugs measured.


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