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100% custom made
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100% custom made Service & quality 100% Comfort
100% custom made
Service & quality
100% Comfort

Customised Hearing

Audinc is a manufacturer of professional custom earplugs. Choose the custom hearing protection you are looking for...

Customised Hearing Protection

Audinc is a manufacturer of professional custom earplugs. Choose the custom hearing protection you are looking for...

Why tailor-made hearing protection from Audinc?

Our custom hearing protection is very comfortable and offers the best possible protection against loud noise.
By using quality materials, our custom-made earplugs last a very long time.
All this in contrast to the disposable earplugs or earmuffs.

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Audinc makes professional custom earplugs for everyone.
What are you looking for? Choose from our custom hearing protection, made especially for you
With our own specialists and manufacturing, we make the best custom hearing protection in the Netherlands.

Choose Audinc

If hearing protection is important to you, it is better to choose our tailor-made hearing protection. This protects your ears better against loud noises and they offer much more wearing comfort.
Audinc is especially for everyone who comes into contact with loud noise more often. We provide tailor-made hearing protection for all kinds of applications.

While disposable earplugs quickly irritate you, you can wear custom earplugs all day long. You give your ears the protection they need and enjoy earplugs that fit exactly for years to come.

Benefits of Audinc hearing protection

The best hearing protection

Perfect fit

Own production

Barely vissable

Different colours

Friendly prices


Service points throughout the Netherlands

Antiallergic material

Unique filters

Includes handy storage pouch

Special graduated prices

Optimal wearing comfort

For daily use

With speech intelligibility

With grip or cort

Delivery within 10 days

At least 2 years warranty

Get your impressions

Easily book an appoinment at one of our locations.

Prevent hearing damage

With prolonged and regular use of earplugs in areas where noise levels are high, it is always strongly recommended to order custom hearing protection. Think of special earplugs for festivals and concerts, motorcycling, shooting sports, hobbies and for working in noisy conditions. This way you always wear the best earplugs for your situation, which offer a lot of wearing comfort and have the right fit.

Choose the best sound filter

Disposable earplugs and earmuffs also lack the special filters that, for example, ensure that you hear colleagues' voices and warning sounds. That's not a nice thought. And it's not nice to work if you always have to take off your earplugs to understand your colleagues.

It is also not pleasant if you hear the music much less well through your earplugs during a festival or concert. With custom earplugs with special filters, you choose the right protection against loud noises, but you still hear what you need and want to hear.

Buy perfect earplugs

Do you work in a noisy environment, play in a band or sleep next to a snoring partner every night? Then disposable earplugs that you buy at the supermarket or drugstore are not sufficient. They have a universal fit, which makes them uncomfortable. And because they fit poorly, they don't block your ears from all sound. As a result, you still run the risk of hearing damage, especially in rooms where the noise level is high.

What our customers say about us

Order custom hearing protection?

Are you convinced and do you indeed want to buy earplugs at Audinc? You certainly won't regret it. After all, we are so crazy about hearing that we have made it our job. Passionate professionals in the field of hearing protection, who also strive for the highest possible quality and for a fair price.
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Professional Custom Earplugs. Completely in accordance with the law. Comfortable and tailored to your working environment. Our professionals visit companies throughout the Benelux for noise measurements, maintenance & control.

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