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Custom sleeves: Bright tests our newest product [VIDEO]

Custom Sleeves

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Chances are you've heard of Bright, one of the largest technology and innovation sites operating in the Netherlands. We recently had the honor of informing one of their editors about the 'custom sleeves', the newest product in our assortment. He then tested them extensively and made a video about them.

Using AirPods or similar (wireless) earbuds is still hugely popular. Hence, there is still a lot of demand for such products. However, many users do complain that the wearing comfort of these types of earbuds is not optimal. There are also people who indicate that they prefer not to use them for sports or cycling, as there is a chance of them falling out of the ear.

Hence a while back we developed the "custom sleeves. These are a type of sleeve that you can attach to your earbuds. Since we tailor each 'sleeve' to the user's hearing, they stay in place much better. Does this still sound a bit vague? Then we'll explain a little more about how we make these sleeves.

First, we take an impression of your ear canal, giving us a perfect picture of what your ears look like inside. This allows us to have the custom sleeves custom made. Next, we also look at the set of earplugs you use, so we can tailor our product accordingly as well. With all this information in hand, we develop an attachment that you can effortlessly attach to your AirPods or other type of earbuds. This allows you to combine the comfort of custom hearing protection with the quality of your favorite speakers!

A detailed explanation can be seen in the video below:


Should you also want to combine your AirPods, noise-cancelling earbuds or other earbuds with the ultimate in comfort, feel free to inquire about custom sleeve options. Contrary to what is said in the video above, we also come to people's homes (at an additional cost or if we are in the area that week). Of course you are also more than welcome at our offices in Eindhoven, Groningen or Amsterdam.


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