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Earplugs that reduce stimuli in autism

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Autism. A condition that is increasingly in the news. There are many prejudices about it and despite the fact that a lot of research is being done, it is not yet exactly clear what it actually means. However, it is common for people with autistic disorders to be annoyed by stimuli such as loud noises.

A rushing train, barking dog or crying baby...all sounds that are distracting to many people. Yet some people are clearly more affected by them than others. Especially people with autism, ADHD or persons who recognize themselves in the profile of a "high sensitive person."

Loss of concentration

Although everyone experiences irritating ambient noise from time to time, for these people it can greatly interfere with their daily activities. Not only can it lead to loss of concentration during work or study, it can also cause them to avoid certain situations. Think of parties, amusement parks but also public transport or going to the cinema.

Obviously, this is undesirable. Not everyone likes festivals or nightclubs, but if even a train ride becomes too stressful because of this then it is still a considerable restriction on daily life. Fortunately, there is a solution for this.

Wearing special custom-made earplugs can filter these sounds, greatly reducing the level of stimuli. This is because these earplugs contain a special filter that will block out certain sounds. As a result, the wearer will be a lot less bothered by ambient sounds and the associated stress. However, it is not the case that the ear is completely closed off, so normal functioning is still possible.


We are often asked whether our earplugs are comfortable to wear. Many people with autism, due to their hypersensitivity, are not only unable to tolerate certain noises, but also to wear earplugs. However, these are often universal earplugs that are usually of poor quality. Our earplugs are not only of high quality, but also specially fitted to the ear of the person for whom they are made. As a result, they fit perfectly and irritation will be minimal.


There are people who also use these earplugs to sleep with. However, they are not so suitable for that. Fortunately, however, we do make special sleep plugs that are specially made to improve sleep. Many people benefit from these, including people with ADHD or autism.

If you would like to know more about these custom earplugs, please contact us without obligation. It is also advisable to take a look at the links below:



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