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Corona time has taught us that it is not always necessary to work in the office. It is among one of the important rules during the epidemic to ensure that the virus is contained. While many people are more comfortable working at home, there are others who just can't get used to not being able to do their work in the office anymore. Similarly, some people are considering a clear balance between working from home and working in the office. One thing is certain: In the future, even after corona time, people will no longer work full-time in the office. Although many people will be very happy about this, there will be others who will have a little more difficulty working from home.

Why some people prefer not to work from home

Working from home is not ideal for everyone. For example, consider those who have children at home. In corona's time, schools were also not allowed to open because of children's health. Children were then home for days and had to be homeschooled. Even when the schools were allowed to open again and the children came home, but the work was not yet done, it could get pretty busy. It is very difficult to concentrate well with children, but also with the noise from other domestic sources. You do get this concentration, for example, when you're sitting in the office in peace and quiet and you only have to deal with your colleagues with whom you can consult briefly. For people who cannot concentrate at home, working from home can be a complete disaster. This means that you make long days, but you are also overtired at the end of the day. More so than if you were working in the office. Of course, this is anything but a good and healthy situation. The background noises you have at home are also not comparable to the noises you hear at the office. The sounds from home can seriously interfere with your work and this, in turn, can affect your mood and, of course, your performance.

Another common problem that people can have with working from home is that they don't have the right furniture, causing not only mental complaints, but also physical complaints. When you combine these complaints it can mean that working from home is not much fun at all. But in the times when this is mandatory or when it is instituted from the company, what can be done to still ensure that one does not experience problems working from home?

Noise suppression and hearing protection through otoplastics

Office supplies and furniture can, of course, be purchased. These will solve the physical problems of working from home. But eliminating ambient noise can be a bit trickier. Especially if children are playing in your study. After all, they are not always quiet. But, of course, that doesn't mean that you can't take measures to make sure they don't bother you and you can just keep working quietly.

You can do this, for example, by purchasing custom-made earplugs for hearing protection. These earplugs, also called otoplastics, are specially made to filter outside sounds so that you only have to concentrate on your work. These plugs are made of sturdy materials and also feel comfortable when worn. One of the important features of these caps is that they are equipped with noise canceling properties. This means that background noise is muffled so that you can concentrate on your work. In addition, the special filter ensures that there will be no loss of speech intelligibility. So should it be necessary to discuss via Zoom, for example, you can hear this well without being disturbed by ambient noise.

Another convenient option that can be chosen is for a bluetooth connection. This makes it possible to connect to your PC or laptop easily and quickly. This makes working from home even easier. Check out the options, make your choice and order.

You can order special earplugs for working from home here.


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