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Hearing protection Nightlife (going out earplugs)

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Loud music in pubs, nightclubs and clubs can cause permanent hearing damage, so hearing protection for nightlife is indispensable for both visitors and employees who frequent places with loud music. The best otoplastics have "flat attenuation," so your ears are protected but you can still communicate easily.

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Preventing hearing damage

Loud noise can cause the hairs in the inner ear to break. Broken hairs can never repair themselves. This process can be so slow that in some cases you may not notice that your hearing has deteriorated for several years. Hearing damage is thus permanent and can never heal. It is therefore essential to protect yourself and your employees from this. They spend a lot of time in loud music and thus need high-quality otoplastics.

Quality is essential

Cheap foam plugs are not recommended because they fall out easily, are difficult to insert, offer little comfort and make it difficult to understand guests and colleagues. We recommend choosing earplugs with a music filter. These not only protect the ears optimally, but also ensure that you understand others well and that the music continues to sound optimally.

Going out for earplugs

Our earplugs are comfortable, barely noticeable and allow you to just talk to people. Whether you work in security, stand behind the bar or are a DJ or technician, our professional hearing protection protects you from hearing damage.

Choose your hearing protection for nightlife

You have a choice of otoplastics made of soft silicone material or made of sturdy acrylic material. By coating them with a special layer, the earplugs are allergen-free and easy to keep clean. The material used is very strong, making these durable earplugs suitable for daily and long-term use.

The earplugs are custom fitted by one of our experts for guaranteed wearing comfort. Want to know more? Contact us or make an appointment right away.


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