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Value for money earbuds

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Every person is different. Also when it comes to ears and the best earplugs to fit them. This is why we prefer to make them custom-made. This has many advantages, which our customers really appreciate. Nevertheless, there are some people who say they find our earplugs expensive. In this blog we would like to explain why we think this is not so bad.

As a manufacturer of custom earplugs, our mission is to persuade as many people as possible to use hearing protection. This is because we think it is a great shame that people are having their ears damaged on such a large scale. Hence we like to see them use earplugs, even if they are obtained from the competition. Although of course we like it best when our products are chosen ?

Despite the fact that we really only have satisfied customers - sometimes only after a small adjustment - there are sometimes people who think our earplugs are very expensive. These are not customers, but rather people who happen to come across one of our advertisements.

Value for money earbuds

First of all, we understand that not everyone is able to spend 120 euros on earplugs just like that. However, given the quality you get in return, we do not find it strange to ask such a price. This is not factory material, but uniquely made earplugs that are completely tailored to your ears. Custom-made custom earplugs may cost just a little more than usual, but then you have quality.

In addition, we are still one of the cheapest providers in the Netherlands. Not necessarily because we supply better or worse material than other companies, but because of the fact that we can keep our prices somewhat lower thanks to our own laboratory. This is because other suppliers often have to deal with all kinds of intermediate parties. It also ensures that we control the production ourselves, so that we can tailor the earplugs exactly to your needs.

If you are curious about exactly what kind of earplugs we offer, you can view our product range here.


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