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Shooting sports hearing protection

Shooting sports hearing protection

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We often take our hearing for granted. Unfortunately, sustaining a hearing injury happens much faster than thought. It only takes one shot to cause hearing damage.Moreover, the damage can be permanent and you really shouldn't want that. Especially as a practitioner of shooting sports, you want your hearing to remain perfect. As a hunter or other sports shooter, it is very inconvenient not to be able to hear, for example, a prey rustling through the bushes. So shooting sports hearing protection is not a luxury.

Audinc shooting sports hearing protection

Especially for hunters, sport shooters and other shooting sports practitioners, the CENS Proflex hearing protection has been developed. These earplugs are equipped with a technology that amplifies the ambient sounds and closes with each shot. The filter thus allows you to hear quiet ambient sounds as if you were wearing no hearing protection.

On the contrary, it is very important to wear earplugs while shooting. No matter if you are shooting for work or purely for fun, protect your ears. After all, it only takes one shot to suffer hearing damage for the rest of your life. Think of damage ranging from a permanent ringing in the ear to deafness and everything in between.

How does CENS Proflex hearing protection work?

The earplugs are equipped with a filter that is a true technological marvel. The CENS Proflex earplugs allow you to hear ambient sounds perfectly. The filter works amplifying, making the softest sounds perceptible. Of course, you don't want the wind to blow extra hard through your earplugs, which is why an additional program ensures that this is reduced. When a shot is fired and thus a loud bang is heard, the filter clicks shut. Thus, the ear is immediately protected from too loud decibels.

If you hunt a lot with other people, there is the possibility to have the CENS proflex digital hearing protection (hearing protection) equipped with a communication module. Through a microphone you can then keep in touch with your fellow shooting sportsman.

Are the earplugs available that way or do they have to be made?

To ensure the most optimal performance of the earplugs, it is necessary to size them to size. This, because every ear has a different shape. One has a very narrow ear canal and the other has a slightly different bend in it. Because the earplugs are perfectly fitted to your ear and made of soft silicone, they offer optimal wearing comfort. It is even possible to choose a color so that the earplugs match your outfit.

All the benefits of CENS Proflex hearing protection:

  • CENS Proflex earplugs are specially tailored so that they fit perfectly in your ear
  • Choose the color that matches your outfit.
  • The filter amplifies ambient noise and claps shut during loud bangs.
  • Wind is reduced.
  • Expandable with a communication module.
  • A must for every shooting sports enthusiast! From hunter to marksman, be careful
    on your ears!

So don't hesitate any longer and take a conscious approach to your hearing. Unfortunately, hearing damage is often irreversible and causes many obstacles. Prevent this and have a set of CENS Proflex earplugs fitted. Optimize your shooting pleasure and take good care of yourself!

Other Audinc shooting sports hearing protection

In our opinion, the CENS Proflex hearing protectors are the best choice for shooting sports practitioners. However, people with a slightly lower budget can also go for the "Shoot" earplugs. These offer the same level of protection, but do not include a digital system. This would be an option for those people who only shoot occasionally.

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