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Swimming without earache thanks to swim caps

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Surely one of the most healthy sports in the world remains swimming. It is easily accessible, relaxing and the risk of getting an injury is very small. So plenty of reasons to get into the water regularly.

Nevertheless, it is risky for some people, namely those who suffer from ear complaints. These people can get all kinds of complaints when water runs into the ear. In particular, if you have eardrum tubes, this can become quite irritating, especially when you go underwater. In some people it is even so bad that it bothers them while showering.

As a result, people start avoiding the water. In principle logical, but in this way they miss a lot of fun. It would be a shame if you had to give up your hobby or source of recreation for that reason.

Fortunately, there is a solution!

This solution is to have custom-made swim plugs made. These earplugs seal the ear canal waterproof but allow sound to pass through. That means you won't suffer from water irritation, but will still be able to hear the phone in the shower. Or could have a conversation at the edge of the pool.

So with these earplugs, you can enjoy swimming or showering undisturbed. Whether you are swimming in the sea, or in the local pool, your ears will remain protected from any irritation. This ensures that you can get back into the water with peace of mind.

Because this product is fitted by our professional, you are guaranteed a perfect fit. Our earplugs are made of skin-friendly material and are suitable for regular use.

So if you swim or dive regularly, it is advisable to inquire about custom-made swim caps. More information can be found on the product page.


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