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Custom Hobby


  • Tailored for optimal comfort
  • Suitable for long-term & daily use
  • Anti allergic coating
  • Free filter changes & checks
  • Includes convenient storage pouch

How does it work?

Make an appointment online

Easily make an appointment online. For the complete appointment, we schedule a total of 20 minutes.

Measurement at our location

During the scheduled appointment you can, view demos and finalize your choices.

We customize your earplugs

As soon as your earplugs are ready you will be notified by us.

Pick up/send earplugs

We ship the earplugs or make an appointment to pick them up(with inspection and instruction)

Custom earplugs for freelancers and handymen: protect your hearing with Audinc

As a freelancer or avid hobby handyman, you know how important it is to protect your hearing while working or doing odd jobs. After all, loud noises and prolonged exposure to noise can cause hearing damage. That's why Audinc offers custom-made earplugs, specially designed for your specific needs as a handyman or freelancer.

The Custom Hobby earplugs have an anti-allergic coating and are suitable for long-term and daily use. For the material, you have a choice between the hard acrylic and soft silicone. You also choose the filter in the custom earplugs for zzp 'ers and handymen.

So you have a choice of low, medium, strong and extreme. That starts at an attenuation of noise levels of 13 dB, and goes up to a whopping 30 dB.


Custom-made earplugs: comfort and protection

At Audinc, we understand that every ear is unique. That's why we custom measure earplugs to ensure a perfect fit and optimal comfort.

We are also happy to advise you on the attenuation you need for your work as a freelancer or handyman. You need to muffle the harmful ambient noise of tools, but you still want to be able to hear the people around you. Especially if you work on construction sites or within other industrial environments, it is important that warning signals remain audible.

Making an appointment for custom earplug fitting is easy. Through our online calendar, you can make an appointment at one of our service locations.

Do you work as a freelancer at a company with at least 3 employees where multiple people need custom earplugs? Then we would be happy to visit you on location to measure the earplugs.

In short, whether you are a freelancer or an avid handyman, at Audinc we always have the right solution for you. Make an appointment now and experience for yourself how much difference custom earplugs for freelancers and handymen make to your hearing.


high-quality pouch


Free customization of filters and controls

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Making an appointment for fitting

Easily make an appointment for an appointment at one of our locations.

Making an appointment for fitting

Easily make an appointment for an appointment at one of our locations.
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