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About us

We’re so crazy about the sense of hearing, that we’ve made it our job. Hearing is one of our most valuable senses and it’s our mission to protect it. With our passion for hearing and sound, we declare war on hearing damages.


We specialize in custom hearing protection and in-ear products. Our experts will advise you in your search for the perfect ear protection and explain the different ways to customize the product so it fits you perfectly. Audinc not only guarantees the best quality, but also a fair price. Feel free to compare us with other providers!


Still in doubt? Then take a look at our customer reviews. Also our different quality seals and our standard guarantee of 2 years speak for themselves!


It’s our mission to make sure that all professionals and private individuals have access to ear protection. To ensure this, we’re offering individual advice and customisation of the most suitable Audinc hearing protection product.


Our hearing protection is manufactured from soft silicone or resilient acrylic material. We’re applying a special layer that is low in allergens and makes it easy to clean. In addition, the material is extremely resistant and therefore our earplugs are ideal for everyday and long-term use.


The earplugs are custom-made by our experts. This allows us to guarantee you ultimate comfort


Audinc’s mission is to give everyone the opportunity to protect themselves from hearing damage. In today’s society we are constantly exposed to tremendous noise. Anyone working or staying in an environment with a noise level above 80 dB should wear ear protection to minimise the risk of hearing damage. Unfortunately, this is often not put into practice.


Good hearing is priceless, but good ear protection is not. Audinc is the specialist for custom-made hearing protection/earmolds and your satisfaction is our priority.


We employ experts who know that perfect hearing protection must meet the customer’s preferences, wishes and requirements and that it must fit in seamlessly into the ear canal. Only if the earmold fits perfectly, will it ensure ideal and comfortable protection.

Innovative 3D laboratory

All earplugs are manufactured by qualified employees in our own laboratory. This allows us to guarantee not only excellent quality at a low price, but also that the product is customized to your needs.


Companies can contact us for assistance with noise measurements or to obtain comprehensive information about hearing protection for their employees at any time. Of course, the consultation is individually customized to the specific noise situation of your company. We also offer measuring all types of earplugs on site immediately after the consultation. Do not hesitate to ask us about the possibilities.


We don’t offer affordable hearing protection only, it’s also our mission to contribute to society. That’s why Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is crucial to us. We are happy to share our knowledge with interested parties and organisations, so that people worldwide can benefit from it.