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Music earplugs

Custom made and with a filter of your choice

Music earplugs

Custom made and with a filter of your choice
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Do you want to listen to music without (hearing) problems? Then choose Audinc's custom-made music earplugs!

Completely sealed fit
Barely visible
Long lifespan
Completely sealed fit
Barely visible
Long lifespan

Music gives you unforgettable moments. At festivals and parties, in clubs and at concerts, time flies by so quickly. As a result, you don't always realize that music is not without danger. Long-term exposure to loud volumes increases the risk of permanent hearing damage and tinnitus.

Customized music earplugs protect your hearing from the unpleasant side effects of too loud decibels. At the same time, they maintain a clear and natural sound. In fact, music earplugs are specially designed for an optimal sound experience.

Music lovers and musicians abhor standard earbuds. They make the sound dull and undefined. Custom-made music earplugs, on the other hand, keep the sound sparkling, but at a safe volume. The special filters attenuate harmful frequencies and also ensure that you can still follow conversations.

Music earplugs are therefore also an excellent choice for music professionals on stage or in the studio.

Custom music earplugs

Today, fortunately, musicians and artists are thinking twice. You've probably noticed it at festivals and concerts. Professional musicians swear by custom-made earplugs. For music professionals, then, their hearing is their livelihood.

Best hearing protection for music

The best filters have "flat attenuation," which means little or no distortion of the music. Your ears are protected from harmful decibels and yet it does not compromise perception.

In short: living your passion for music in a comfortable but safe way! We also have the best earplugs concert!

Enjoy music safely

Sounds as low as 80 decibels can be harmful. The average drummer quickly pounds out 100 decibels. At festivals and events, the decibel limit is usually 103 decibels. In nightclubs, the speakers even thump easily up to 110 decibels. Therefore, it is also recommended to wear hearing protection such as custom-made festival earplugs at festivals.

At this volume, without hearing protection, you will suffer hearing damage within minutes. Before you know it, that annoying beep will never go away. Once you find it harder to follow conversations, it's often already too late.

In short: do you want to enjoy music safely? Then always wear hearing protection. Music earplugs are crucial to preventively protect your hearing from hearing loss and tinnitus.

Today we are more aware than ever of the importance of professional hearing protection. Music lovers, concertgoers and musicians used to often laugh off earplugs. Until it was too late. With the current generation of hearing protectors, you can enjoy the music safely and comfortably. Do you want to combine an optimal sound experience with maximum hearing protection? Then choose custom-made music earplugs.

Benefits of custom music earplugs

One earplug is not the other. Specialized manufacturers now also understand that each activity requires its own specific hearing protection. This is why custom music earplugs are crucial for music lovers. This is because these earplugs are specially designed for the perfect music experience. Music earplugs protect your hearing against harmful decibels. And they do so while maintaining sound quality. So you can skim through your favorite music events carefree.

The benefits of custom-made earplugs for music are significant. The perfect fit maximizes wearing comfort and leakproofness. The earplugs are nice and comfortable and repel all harmful frequencies.

Do you value durability? Then you'll be pleased to hear that custom-made earplugs last significantly longer than universal ones. So in the long run, your investment will pay for itself anyway.

Custom music earplugs vs universal earplugs

The search of hearing protection music goes from universal earplugs to custom earplugs and vice versa. Often universal earplugs are chosen when the price shown of custom music earplugs.

However, we have calculated that universal earplugs are not cheaper than custom music earplugs over a long period of time.

In addition, universal earplugs are not completely protective of your earbuds because they never cover as well as custom music earplugs. This is why we always recommend talking to specialists when it comes to your hearing.

Why earplugs for music?

Hearing damage is irreversible. A few minutes of unprotected exposure to too loud a sound can destroy your life. The statistics are staggering. According to 2020 research by VeiligheidNL and Erasmus MC, 1 in 8 of the Dutch over-40s is already struggling with hearing loss of more than 35 decibels.

But young people do not escape hearing problems either. Every year, as many as 20,000 young adults develop hearing problems. More and more Dutch people also struggle with tinnitus. You know the drill. That annoying squeak after a concert. If you're lucky, it disappears again. But some music lovers struggle for the rest of their lives with tinnitus.

No doubt you want to enjoy music for as long as possible. Therefore, don't wait until it's too late. Prevention remains the best solution to hearing damage. Therefore, wear music earplugs now.

Frequently asked questions about music earplugs:

What are the best earbuds against music?

As a music lover, you want to enjoy your favorite artists to the fullest. Therefore, choose custom-made earplugs with a filter. The custom fit provides a perfect seal. Thus, the earplugs guarantee the promised attenuation. Meanwhile, the special filter ensures a clear sound experience. This is because music earplugs maintain the pure, natural timbre of the music during attenuation.

What earplugs for concerts?

According to the expertise center Veiligheid.nl, sounds as low as 80 decibels can be harmful. At concerts and festivals, the decibel level is significantly louder. At an average rock concert, the sound level is easily around 100 to even 110 decibels. Therefore, at concerts, always choose custom-made earplugs with a filter.

How do I make sure my music earbuds stay in place?

Want to enjoy carefree music? Then make sure your music earbuds stay in place. Therefore, read the instructions carefully.

If you insert the earplugs correctly, they will fit your ears perfectly. After all, the otoplastics are carefully fitted for your ear shape. So you get a reliable seal that guarantees you maximum sound attenuation.

Do you sweat quickly? Then keep your ears dry by wiping away the sweat in time. This will prevent your earbuds from coming loose.

What customers say about us

What customers say about us

Frequently asked questions about Special music earbuds for you

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