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100% custom made
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100% custom made Service & quality 100% Comfort
100% custom made
Service & quality
100% Comfort

Audinc for work

Otoplastics (hearing protection) - tailor-made - for your employees with maximum service

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Our professional custom earplugsare essential for many professions. Because work earplugs are tailor-made for everyone, you have the best possible hearing protection at work.

Hearing protection work

In recent years we have seen employees in construction, industry, security, transport and nightlife increasingly wearing work earplugs. Fortunately, because hearing damage is in the top 3 of occupational diseases. As more and more attention is paid to the harmful effects of loud noise, this will hopefully change soon.

In some professions loud noise cannot be avoided. Think of construction and industry where machines produce a lot of noise. Or the nightlife and music industry where the volume is often very high.

Do you expose your employees to that many decibels every day? Then hearing damage is almost inevitable. By offering professional, custom-made earplugs you protect the ears of your employees and prevent permanent hearing damage.

When are work earplugs necessary?

Do you expose your employees to noise levels above 80 dB every day? Then, according to the Working Conditions Act, you must make earplugs available at work. Your employees are not obliged to wear them yet. This is only necessary if the noise level is above 85 dB. However, we strongly recommend wearing otoplastics above 80 dB. Long-term exposure to more than 80 dB can be harmful to the ears.

But how loud is 80 dB actually? There is a good way to test whether you are below or above that noise level. Can you no longer hear someone standing 1 meter away or do you have to continuously raise your voice? Then it probably concerns a noise level of 80 dB or more. That noise level does not hurt the ears, but it can certainly have harmful consequences in the long term.

What are the consequences of hearing damage?

The consequences of hearing damage go far beyond just premature deafness. In recent years we have heard more and more about tinnitus and tinnitus. With the latter, people continuously hear an annoying beep, hum or other disturbing noise. This has a major impact on work and life. Hearing damage often also causes a series of mental complaints. Think of insomnia, stress, fatigue and even depression. Employees burn out or drop out permanently.

Professional earplugs: the solution against hearing damage

The Working Conditions Act prescribes that, as an employer, you must take measures to reduce noise levels above 87 dB. In construction and industry, this can be done, for example, by investing in quieter machines. Or by having employees spend a maximum of a few hours in a noisy room, so that the ears
get some rest in between.

Prevent hearing damage

In addition, good information about the danger of loud noise and the use of professional earplugs is important. Hearing damage can be prevented by wearing otoplastics when the noise level is above 80 dB.

An otoplasty is a professional earplug that we custom-make at Audinc. This ensures a perfect connection to the ear canal. In addition, the earplugs only filter out harmful noise. Conversations can still be had and ambient noise can still be heard. This makes them extremely suitable for professional use.

The benefits of professional earplugs from Audinc

At Audinc we have a clear mission. We want to teach everyone to deal with loud noises in a safe way. Wearing professional earplugs during work is an important part of this. As long as hearing damage remains in the top 3 of occupational diseases, we still have a lot of work to do. By providing interactive presentations about sound, hearing and hearing protection, we hope to create the necessary awareness and support

We'll come by

We also make it easy for employers to have otoplastics fitted to their employees. We are happy to visit you on location for this purpose.

We also do this for information, hearing tests, checks and maintenance. Even noise measurements in the workplace are possible to determine exactly what noise levels the work earplugs should protect against.

This way you can be sure that your employees get the hearing protection they need.

Let professional earplugs take care of you
employees by Audinc

Hearing damage has a major impact on the work and life of your employees. Protect their hearing
therefore with custom otoplastics from Audinc. We come and measure it to size and we take care of it
ensure that you comply with occupational health and safety legislation.

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