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Hearing protection against stimuli

Hearing protection for overstimulation is not a crazy idea. In fact, there are several types of hearing protection made specifically to counteract stimuli, such as otoplastics. These protect hearing by preventing sound from passing through the ear canal into the inner ear. Otoplastics are available in different sizes and types, depending on the type of stimulus that bothers you. At Audinc you will always get advice from our audiologists on which earplugs you need. Even for people with autism, these earplugs can offer help.

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Overstimulated by sound

Overstimulation can happen through noise, or through external stimuli such as light. There are different types of hearing protection that protect against this, such as otoplastics or hearing filters. These stop the sound and/or filter it out, so that you are no longer bothered by the stimuli. In addition to our hearing protection, you can also use anti noise or noise canceling headphones. When using both, you certainly have good protection from sound stimuli.

Remove and avoid stimuli

In addition to wearing hearing protection against stimuli, eliminating causes of noise nuisance such as construction, traffic, people and loud devices is a good step to reduce stimuli. In addition to distraction, these stimuli can also all cause a lot of noise that can be harmful to your hearing. It is important to protect your hearing from these noises by using hearing protection. This keeps your hearing safe and protects you from long-term damage.

Hearing protection against stimuli

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