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Earplugs for shooting sports

The sound level of a firearm is on average well above the pain threshold. Therefore, with every shot, you run a high risk of permanent hearing damage! Fortunately, you do not have to worry about this while hunting or practicing your shooting sport. Audinc manufactures appropriate and affordable hearing protection so you can focus on your target in peace.

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Our earplugs for shooters and hunters

Earplugs for shooting sports

Do you participate in shooting sports? Then you know that at the shooting club or while hunting, a lot of shots fly around your ears. Releasing a shot produces a lot of noise.

The noise level of a firearm is on average well above the pain threshold. As a result, you run a high risk of permanent hearing damage with every shot. This is why earplugs are an indispensable accessory during shooting sports.

Custom-made hearing protection for sport shooting

At Audinc we make appropriate and affordable hearing protection especially for the shooting sports. You wear them while hunting or at the shooting club to focus on your target in peace and quiet.

The features of the Audinc shooting sports hearing protection

Of course, our earplugs for shooting sports are custom-made.

But they also have special features. With our filter, you can hold conversations as usual, while your hearing is adequately protected while shooting.

Another advantage is that our shooting sports earplugs do not get in the way.

Many other advantages

Traditional hoods sometimes get in the way when putting them on. Also, with our shooting sports ear muffs, you do not suffer from pressure on the ears.

These are mainly the reasons why people like to use our earplugs in shooting sports.

Why do shooting sports opt for custom-made earplugs?

The use of earplugs in shooting sports is really essential from the very first shot. The noise level of a shot quickly rises to 140 dB.

Are you exposed to a noise level of over 80 dB on a daily basis? Then it is already harmful to your hearing. And exposure to sounds above 120 dB can even cause hearing damage right away.

Prevent damage to your ears

Sounds of 130 dB or more go through the pain barrier. Just one shot hurts your ears and can cause immediate damage.

Therefore, always visit Audinc first to have your special earplugs for shooting sports measured.

Hearing protection shooting sports: without loss of ambient noise

Would you also like the best hearing protection while shooting?

Then choose from our 3 different models:

  1. Custum Shoot: custom-made earplugs
  2. Cens: muffles shots while amplifying ambient noise
  3. Active Shoot: made of acrylic

Technological highlights

The Cens earplugs are true technological marvels. They protect the ears from the sound of gunfire and have a special filter that allows other ambient noise to still be heard.

The filter amplifies the ambient sounds, making even the softest sounds perceptible. This is ideal while hunting or going to the shooting club with others. On the contrary, when you fire a shot, the filter folds shut, protecting your ears from the many decibels.

Affordable alternative

The Custom Shoot earplugs are a more affordable alternative to the Cens earplugs. The ideal choice if you only go shooting a few times a year or have slightly less budget. They optimally protect the ears from the sound of gunshots, but have no special filter.

Both earplugs for shooting sports are available in different designs and colors, and you always get a handy storage pouch with them.

Tailor-made for your ears

While practicing your favorite sport, your earplugs should of course feel comfortable and stay in place.

This is why we always customize our earplugs for shooting sports. To do this, we make an impression of your ear canal. We then use the mold to make earplugs that fit the exact shape of your ears, giving you optimal protection against the loud noise and ensuring a secure fit.

Do you need earplugs for shooting sports? If so, make an appointment today. Our professionals look forward to helping you get the hearing protection that’s best for you.

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