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The best earplugs for festivals in 2022

Custom-made and with a filter of your choice.

Special earplugs for festivals

Custom-made and with a filter of your choice.

The best filters have ‘flat attenuation’, which means that the music has little or no distortion. Your ears are protected against harmful decibels and yet this does not come at the expense of perception. In short: enjoy your festival in a comfortable but safe way!

As a festival goer or music lover, you regularly have to deal with loud music. Here, of course, you want to be able to fully enjoy the music in a safe way. It would also be nice to be able to talk to people and not go home with an annoying ringing in your ear. Our custom-made earplugs are ideal to comfortably enjoy a festival.

Festival Earplugs
from Audinc

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Our earplugs for festivals

Customised festival earplugs

At a festival, you are likely to encounter loud noise. In most cases, this can rise to more than 103DB, which can be harmful to the hearing within 15 minutes. Not surprising that more and more people choose to wear earplugs at a festival.

Quality of music

The most important thing is that you can enjoy the music without it being distorted by the earplugs. Thanks to the special filters in the earplugs, the sound is attenuated without quality loss. Ideal for enjoying your favourite music.

Comfortable in the ears

Thanks to our custom-made earplugs, you can enjoy a festival all day long without experiencing any ear discomfort. Because the earplugs are tailor-made for your ears, you will not experience any pressure in your ears after prolonged use.

The eye wants something too

Nowadays, it is quite normal to wear earplugs at a festival. However, we understand that it is annoying if the earplugs stick out or are very conspicuous. With our plate design, the earplugs do not stick out. And thanks to a transparent colour, they won’t stand out either. So you still look good in all the photos!

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Frequently asked questions about Festival Earplugs

How long does the fitting of festival earplugs take?

The measurement takes about 6 minutes. For the complete appointment we plan 20 minutes. During the appointment, you can ask questions, watch demos and pick your favourite colour.

How do you clean the festival earplugs?

For cleaning the earplugs, we have a special spray that does not damage the silicon of the earplugs. We do not recommend the use of soap, as this may damage the silicon and make the earplugs rough.

How much noise do the filters muffle?

Depending on the filter you choose, the earplugs can filter out between 11 and 29 dB.

Can I still hear everything well with the festival earplugs in?

The filter used in the festival earplugs facilitates communication in noisy environments. Communicating with the earplugs in place should be easier.

What if I lose an earplug?

For €12, we offer a loss scheme that covers you for a year against the loss of your earplugs. Making a new print is not necessary. Please note that there is an own risk of €25,-.

How long do the festival earplugs last?

We offer at least a 2-year warranty on our products. However, experience shows that the earplugs often last longer.

My question is not listed, what should I do?

Contact us and we will be happy to help!

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