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How do we customize our earplugs?


Before we can get to work on your custom earplugs, you need to know what kind of earplugs you need. Are you looking for earplugs to always sleep soundly? Then you need our Custom SleepzZ. For chores, choose Custom Hobby, and for swimming, there are Dry Ears. Once we know what you'll be using the earplugs for, we'll know what filter is needed.

Fitting your hearing protection

Are we going to fit you with custom earplugs? Then we always start with a short inspection of the ears. We see if it is necessary to have the ears cleaned out by your doctor first. If not, we immediately take an impression of the ear canal. This is necessary to make the earplugs exactly the right size.

Before the impression, we place a cotton ball in your ear canal. With this we protect the eardrum. Then we inject a silicone paste into the ear canal. This may sound painful, but it is definitely not.

We send the silicone impression of your ears to our lab. There we make some adjustments to make the earplugs exactly the right size. This usually takes about two weeks. Do you need the earplugs quickly? Then express shipping is possible. The custom-made earplugs are then ready within 5 working days.

Making an appointment for fitting

Easily make an appointment for an appointment at one of our locations.

Maintenance and service after purchase

Custom earplugs from Audinc don't buy for a moment. They last for years. That's why we always give you a minimum 2-year warranty and a 100% comfort guarantee. We do the latter because you wear your earplugs a lot and sometimes for a long time. Then you shouldn't even feel that you have them in.

The fit test

Of course, we have a solution for that at Audinc: the fit test. As soon as you notice that your earplugs no longer fit quite right, come to us and we'll adjust the fit for you.

Just like many other products, earplugs sometimes need maintenance and service. For example, you are also always welcome to stop by to have your custom earplugs ultrasonically cleaned so they feel nice and fresh again.

Sometimes a repair is needed after intensive use, for example in the case of earplugs with built-in speakers.
Even then, don't think you need new earplugs. We are happy to perform minor adjustments and repairs for you. Sometimes repairs are still covered under warranty, and if not, we will always let you know beforehand which is more economical: repair or buying new custom-made earplugs.

Frequently asked questions about earplugs,

Frequently asked questions about earplugs, custom made

If you have them in regularly, however, dirt can get on them. For example, you can use the ultrasonic cleaner, although not everyone has the gear for that. Fortunately, there are other alternatives that work almost as well. For example, you can choose to clean the earplugs with warm water and some soap. Then dry them with paper towels. Also, you may always stop by our store for some new cleaning wipes, which we will give you for free.

All of our earplugs come with a handy storage pouch. Don't have the earplugs in? Then always store them in the pouch. Then you won't lose them either.

It depends on the type of earplugs you choose. Prices can be found with the different earplugs in our range.

You can do so at our service points in Amsterdam (Rokin & Sloterdijk), Apeldoorn, Breda, Eindhoven, Groningen, Maastricht, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Apeldoorn and Zwolle.

Yes indeed, check out this page for that: At work

Contact us and we will be happy to assist you!
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