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Custom earplugs

Custom earplugs, also known as otoplastics called, are specially designed to fit your ears perfectly. They offer unparalleled comfort and optimal sound attenuation because they are precisely tailored to the shape of your ear canal.

Whether you are looking for peace while sleeping, festival earplugs or swimming earplugs there is always a type of custom-made earplugs that will take care of just that. At Audinc, we have an ideal solution for every situation, so you are always assured of the best custom-made hearing protection.

Customized hearing protection

Before we can get to work on your custom earplugs, you need to know what kind of earplugs you need. Are you looking for earplugs to always sleep soundly? Then you need our Custom SleepzZ needed. For chores, choose Custom Hobby, and for swimming there are Dry Ears. Once we know what you will use the custom-made earplugs for, we will know what filter is needed.

Making an appointment for fitting

Easily make an appointment for an appointment at one of our locations.

What are otoplastics?

Otoplastics are earplugs that are custom-made. If you have otoplastics fitted, you will therefore get earplugs with a unique fit that fits your ear canal perfectly. In addition, your sound situation is also taken into account when designing the earplugs. Wearing otoplastics offers several advantages:

  • Tailored to your hearing;
  • Best possible hearing protection that lasts for years;
  • Lifetime filter adjustment warranty.

At Audinc, we specialize in otoplastics. We make your earplugs really completely customized. We will work with you to determine which product is best in your situation. We would like to fit your otoplastics.

Otoplastics fitting

Custom-made hearing protection can be recognized by its perfect fit and high wearing comfort. The process of having earplugs custom-made begins with the otoplastics fitting. To do this, we first do a brief inspection of the ears. We see if it is necessary to have the ears cleaned out at the doctor's office first. If not, we immediately make an impression of the ear canal. This is necessary to make the earplugs fit precisely.

Before we take the impression, we place a cotton ball in your ear canal. With this we protect the eardrum. Then we inject a silicone paste into the ear canal. This may sound painful, but it certainly isn't.

We send the silicone impression of your ears to our lab. There we make the final adjustments, to make the otoplastics exactly the right size. This usually takes about two weeks. Do you need the earplugs sooner? Then express shipping is possible. The custom-made earplugs will then be ready within 5 working days.

Benefits of custom-made earplugs

Custom-made earplugs offer all kinds of advantages over standard universal earplugs. For example, they sit perfectly in your ear, provide maximum protection and also last for years. Below we list the most important advantages for you:

  • Perfect fit: Since we make the earplugs exactly according to your earprint, they are always comfortable and stay in place.
  • Optimal sound attenuation: The snug fit provides excellent noise reduction, which is especially important in noisy environments or while sleeping.
  • Sustainability: Our custom-made earplugs are made of high-quality materials that last for years. Thus, it is also a durable choice.
  • Hygiene: Custom-made earplugs are easy to clean thanks to their durable structure. The material is suitable for regular thorough cleaning.
  • Variety of applications: Whether while working or traveling hearing protection need, or just looking for something for during concerts, swimming or sleeping, there is always a suitable solution.

Maintenance and service after purchase

Custom earplugs from Audinc are not something you buy for a moment. They last for years. That's why we always give you a minimum 2-year warranty and 100% comfort guarantee.

In addition to providing high-quality custom earplugs, Audinc also offers comprehensive maintenance and service options. Because like many other products, custom earplugs sometimes need maintenance and service. For example, you are always welcome to stop by to have your otoplastics ultrasonically cleaned so they feel nice and fresh again.

And sometimes a repair is needed after intensive use, for example in the case of earplugs with built-in speakers. Do not immediately think that you need new earplugs. We are happy to perform minor adjustments and repairs. Sometimes repairs are still covered under warranty, and if not, we will always let you know beforehand which is more economical: repair or buying new custom-made earplugs.

Comfort guarantee with the fit test

Because you wear otoplastics a lot and sometimes for long periods of time, you really shouldn't even feel that you have them in. That's why we offer a 100% comfort guarantee.

Of course, we at Audinc also have a solution for those times when your earplugs are no longer 100% comfortable: the fit test. As soon as you notice that your earplugs no longer sit quite right, come to us and we'll adjust the fit for you.


Audinc's custom hearing protection meets all the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. If employees are exposed to sounds of 80 decibels and above, the employer must provide hearing protectors.

If employees are exposed daily to 85 decibels and above, it is also mandatory to wear the hearing protectors for the duration of the exposure. Also, a plan of action must then also be made. Since April 21, 2019, these rules have been tightened.

Earplugs should now be leak-tested both when put into service and every 2 years. When it is not possible to leak test earplugs, they should be replaced every 4 years. For all Audinc earplugs, we can test them digitally.

Frequently asked questions about custom earplugs

Otoplastics and custom-made earplugs are not the same thing. Otoplastics are custom-made ear pieces for hearing protection from noise, water or for hearing aids. They provide maximum protection and comfort. Custom-made earplugs are specifically designed to muffle noise, ideal for noisy environments such as concerts or construction sites. Both are custom-made, but with different uses.

To preserve your custom earplugs, proper care is essential. We supply all of our earplugs with a handy storage pouch. Always use this pouch when you don't have the earplugs in, so you don't lose them and they remain protected from dirt and damage. Should you need additional cleaning wipes, you can pick them up from us for free.

You already have otoplastics with us starting at €119. The price for custom earplugs at Audinc depends on the type of earplugs you choose and any additional wishes or adjustments. Our prices are transparent and you can easily find them at the different earplugs in our assortment.

For high-quality custom earplugs, visit one of Audinc's service locations. We have locations in Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Breda, Eindhoven, Groningen, Maastricht, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Zwolle. So there is always a branch near you. Our expert staff will make sure your earplugs fit perfectly and meet all your needs.

Yes, Audinc also offers custom hearing protection for businesses. This can be essential in noisy environments such as construction or industrial workplaces.For more information, check out the page about hearing protectionat work where more explanation can be found.

Custom-made earplugs always offer better sound attenuation than universal earplugs. This is because they are made specifically according to the shape of your ear canal, preventing sound from leaking past the earplugs. The fit not only provides higher comfort, but also ensures that custom-made earplugs are much more effective at muffling sound.

Custom hearing protection lasts for years. At Audinc, we always offer a minimum 2-year warranty on our earplugs, and even a 100% comfort guarantee. This means you can count on your earplugs to stay comfortable and fit properly for a long time. But your ears change throughout your life. So should you find that the fit is no longer quite right, you can always come back to us for a fit test and possible adjustments.

Contact us and we will be happy to assist you! Schedule an appointment right away to have your custom earplugs measured by us! Want more information first? Then contact us. Our team is ready to help you choose the perfect hearing protection.
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