100% custom made Service & quality 100% Comfort
100% custom made
Service & Quality
100% Comfort

100% custom made Service & quality 100% Comfort
100% custom made
Service & quality
100% Comfort

You can order custom earplugs from Audinc

Audinc is the number 1 in custom earplugs

Minimum 2 year warranty

100% comfort guarantee

Fast delivery times

No hidden cost

No water in your ears while swimming, no ringing ears after a festival or concert visit and protecting your ears while doing odd jobs or riding a motorcycle. There are so many reasons to wear custom earplugs.
Regular earplugs are not sufficient in many cases. They often allow a lot of sound (or water) to pass through and do not always stay in place well. In addition, they are not suitable for long-term and daily use.
Audinc's custom earplugs are different. We have special earplugs in our range for every activity – whether swimming, hobby, DIY or listening to music. And because the hearing protection is tailor-made, it offers the best possible protection (against noise and water).

How do we tailor our earplugs?

Before we can get started with your custom earplugs, you first need to know which earplugs you need. Are you looking for earplugs to always sleep peacefully? Then you need our Custom SleepzZ. For DIY you choose Custom Hobby, and for swimming there are Dry Ears. Once we know what you are going to use the earplugs for, we know which filter is needed.

Fitting your hearing protection

Are we going to fit you with custom earplugs? Then we always start with a short inspection of the ears. We will check whether it is necessary to first have the ears syringed out by the doctor. If not, we immediately make an impression of the ear canal. This is necessary to make the earplugs exactly to size.

We place a cotton ball in your ear canal for the impression. This protects the eardrum. We then inject a silicone paste into the ear canal. That may sound painful, but it certainly isn't.

We will send the silicone impression of your ears to our lab. We make some adjustments to make the earplugs exactly to size. This usually takes about two weeks. Do you need the earplugs quickly? Then urgent shipping is possible. The custom earplugs will then be ready within 5 working days.

Make an appointment

Easily make an appointment at one of our locations

Maintenance and service after purchase

You don't buy custom earplugs from Audinc for a while. They last for years. That is why we always give you a minimum 2-year warranty and a 100% comfort guarantee. We do the latter because you wear the earplugs a lot and sometimes for a long time. Then you shouldn't even feel that you have them on.

The fit test

Did you know that your ears grow an average of about 2.2 millimeters every year? And that your ear canal changes shape over time because it is partly made of elastic cartilage? This means that your custom earplugs will no longer fit so well after about five years. The fit of the earplugs is then no longer perfect.

Of course we have a solution for this at Audinc: the fit test. As soon as you notice that your earplugs no longer fit properly, visit us and we will adjust the fit for you.

Like many other products, earplugs sometimes require maintenance and service. You are always welcome to come by to have your custom earplugs ultrasonically cleaned, so that they feel nice and fresh again.

Sometimes a repair is necessary after intensive use, for example with earplugs with built-in speakers. Don't think that you need new earplugs. We are happy to carry out minor adjustments and repairs for you. Sometimes repairs are still covered by the warranty, otherwise we will always let you know in advance which is cheaper: repair or buying new custom earplugs.

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