100% custom made Service & quality 100% Comfort
100% custom made
Service & Quality
100% Comfort

100% custom made Service & quality 100% Comfort
100% custom made
Service & quality
100% Comfort

Custom work


  • Request a no-obligation quote from 3 people
  • Suitable for long-term & daily use
  • Delivery 10-15 working days (urgent delivery possible)
  • Anti-allergic coating
  • Free filter changes
  • Includes handy storage case

How does it work?

Make an appointment

After accepting the quotation, we will schedule an appointment to take the impressions.

Taking the impressions

We come to your location for checks, noise measurements and taking the impressions.

Creating the earplugs

We use the prints to make a unique set of earplugs for each employee.


We will personally deliver the created earplugs, including instructions and final inspection. It's also possible to receive them by mail.


High-quality packaging

Fabric bag for easy transport

Interchangeable filter for protection against earwax; User information

Earplugs at work: custom otoplastics for optimal hearing protection

Hearing damage is one of the most convincing occupational diseases in the Netherlands. That is why it is important to provide your employees with the right hearing protection. At Audinc we understand that every employee is unique, which means you need effective, tailor-made hearing protection.

That’s why we offer tailor-made workplace solutions that perfectly fit the individual needs of your employees.

Our earphones are made of high-quality materials, with a choice between acrylic and silicone. This choice of material and the anti-allergic coating makes them suitable for long-term and daily use.

In addition, you choose how much noise the otoplastics should dampen, varying from 13 dB to no less than 38 dB. Integrating our custom earplugs reduces the risk of hearing damage, allowing your employees to work safely and comfortably.

Have professional earplugs fitted on location

We are happy to visit you on location to measure earplugs for work.

This way you can be sure that the otoplastics always fit the ears of your employees perfectly. After the measurements, we start customizing the earplugs. Once ready, we will deliver professional earplugs back to work. This immediately gives us the opportunity to check whether the earplugs fit completely correctly.

Invest in the safety and satisfaction of your employees with our hearing protection at work. Protect the hearing of your employees and increase productivity in the workplace. Request a quote now and experience for yourself the difference that earplugs at work can make for your company.

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