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If you've had custom-made earplugs made, it's obviously very important to store them carefully. Hence, a handy Audinc storage pouch is included with every order (with the exception of CENS and In-ears).

However, it may happen that this bag gets lost. Or you just like to have a spare one. Either way, it is always possible to order an Audinc pouch with it. This is a sturdy pouch that you can easily put in your bag or jacket pocket. The bright orange elements also make it stand out enough.

The following Audinc products can be stored in the pouch:

Custom music

Authentic earplugs

Custom industry earplugs

Walkie-talkie earpiece

Sleepzz earplugs

Dry Ears

Dry Music

Bluetooth earphones

Hobby Earplugs

In addition, you could also keep your keys, coins or mints in this pouch. Though we'll leave that up to you.

In addition to this Audinc bag, we have some other accessories you might be interested in. Check out the entire assortment here.

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