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We literally make earplugs of all shapes and sizes. In addition to all hearing protection being specifically tailored to the customer, we also use multiple types of material. For example, we make both hard and soft earplugs. We often get asked what exactly the differences are. In this blog, learn more about custom hard or soft earplugs.

Hard otoplastics are made of acrylic. Acrylic is hard and smooth. However, this makes them no less comfortable than soft otoplastics. Because of the hard material, the otoplastics have a smooth surface and are easy to insert into the ear. The material is also comfortable to wear during warm conditions. People who, for example, work in a bakery are recommended to use hard otoplastics. Another advantage is that hard earplugs are just a bit easier to clean. Especially when there is some residue on them after a long time of wearing.

Advantages of acrylic hearing protectors: longer life, more hygienic and easy to clean.

One potential disadvantage of loud earplugs is that they can become somewhat uncomfortable after long periods of continuous wear (think over 5 hours).

Soft otoplastics Silicone is soft and specially made to minimize the occlusion effect - the effect that closing off the ear canal makes one's own voice sound dull - and are therefore often used, for example, by music artists. Or people who enjoy listening to music. The silicone hearing protectors are also very suitable for motorcyclists, they sit comfortably under the motorcycle helmet.

Advantages of silicone hearing protectors: more color options and with silicone hearing protectors you don't have to get used for as long because of the softer material.

Having earplugs made

Would you like to have hard or soft custom made now? Or just want to know more about our products? Then take a look at our product range. You may of course also contact us at any time.


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