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Hearing Protection Industry

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We customize industrial hearing protection for everyone personally.

Therefore, our earplugs for industry are also highly valued.

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Industrial noise and its consequences

In an industrial environment, there is always noise from machinery, for example. If your industrial workers are exposed to excessively loud noise throughout the workday, it can lead to permanent damage in the ear, such as hearing impairment, tinnitus or the perception of a beeping sound. But that's not the only issue.

More damage than you realize

Excessive exposure to high noise levels can also result in increased blood pressure, and your employees may suffer from concentration problems, stress and fatigue. It is therefore essential that you, as an employer, take measures to protect your people from this. In some cases, this is even mandatory.

Good hearing protection should therefore not be missing from the workplace. Here you can think of custom-made earplugs, or otoplastics. We would like to give you more information about our hearing protection below.

Why choose hearing protection?

By preventing hearing overload, you perfectly protect the hearing of your industrial workers. But what other added value does this form of hearing protection offer?

For starters, the otoplastics are comfortable to wear and the filter realizes optimal sound retention without any distortion. This increases the concentration level of employees in the industry. In addition, it is important that the hearing is not completely occluded. After all, it is important that your personnel remain in contact with the environment so that an unsafe work situation can never occur. It is also not necessary to remove the earplugs from the ears to have a conversation. Thus, your staff can simply continue to communicate with each other.

Hearing Protection Industry

To ensure that your employees are comfortable wearing the hearing protection, we customize the hearing protection for your industry employees. Our custom earplugs industry are manufactured with special technology and flexible materials that ensure the Audinc hearing protection industry fits naturally in the ear canal.

Thanks to the durable materials, they last for a long time and are virtually invisible. Audinc also offers hearing protection with filters specifically suited for your work situation. Would you like to know more about our otoplastics? We are at your disposal for sound measurement, hearing tests, information and fitting of hearing protection. Ask about our prices or request a quote!


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