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Hearing Protection Workshop

What is the importance of earplugs in the workplace?

The easy answer is: Spinning machines, loud tools and roaring vehicles.

In a workplace, noise levels often run high. For workers, this can be problematic.

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Prevent hearing damage

Hearing damage is in the top 3 occupational diseases for a reason.

Fortunately, there has been increasing attention to this in recent years. And wearing appropriate hearing protection is becoming more and more normal.

Also at Audinc, we see more and more orders for custom-made earplugs for the workplace. So that employees can work safely in that area as well.

When is hearing protection necessary?

Hearing damage occurs faster than many people think. Do noise levels in the workplace rise above 80 dB daily? Then hearing damage can already occur. You don't notice it right away, but once there is damage, you can't undo it. That's what makes it so dangerous.

Therefore, it is important for employees to always wear earplugs in the workplace at noise levels above 80 dB. By choosing custom-made earplugs, comfort is high, and employees are also more likely to always put them in.

What is the danger of not wearing earplugs in the custom workshop?

Ears damaged by sound damage irreversibly. And the consequences can be quite drastic. We often think only of early hearing loss, but that's certainly not the only thing that causes hearing damage. Another common complaint is tinnitus. This is when people continuously hear a hum, beep or other disturbing sound.

Tinnitus is always there and often so profound that mental symptoms are added. People sleep poorly, are extremely tired, experience a lot of stress or become depressed. For many employees, these complaints mean temporary downtime or the inability to do their job at all.

Protect your employees' ears in the workplace with custom-made earplugs

Noise levels rise quickly in a workplace. Therefore, it is important that employees there wear custom-made earplugs. These should be otoplastics that sufficiently attenuate noise levels and are comfortable to wear. Also, these are a different type of earplugs than those for festivals.

At Audinc, we're happy to help you protect your employees' ears in the workplace with custom-made earplugs.

We visit the workshop

To make it as easy as possible for you, we will visit your staff on site for the fitting of the earplugs. Coming by for information, hearing tests, checks and maintenance is no problem either. We can even take noise measurements in the workplace. Then we know exactly how much protection is needed.

Would you like to protect your employees' ears in the workplace with custom-made earplugs? Then request a free quote or make an appointment right away for an audiogram for your employees or noise measurement in the workplace.

We'd love to help you make sure your employees can work safely!

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