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Lost earplugs | Here's how to prevent (ánd solve) this!

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We have provided many people with earplugs over the years and have had almost only satisfied customers. However, once in a while we do hear a certain objection to not having custom earplugs made, namely that it is a great shame if you will lose the earplugs. Even though we understand this all too well, we have come up with some ways to be able to solve this.

There are really only advantages to using custom-made earplugs. They know how to protect your hearing and, in the process, they fit better than disposable earplugs. Also, the special filter ensures that you can still enjoy the music and (for example, while motorcycling) still hear important signals.

Although there is a potential downside, however. Since custom-made earplugs are still just a bit pricier than the simple disposable variety, it's a lot more annoying when you lose them. Hence, some people just decide not to have them made. Because, soon you will lose the earplugs.

Of course, this is a great shame, because it exposes yourself to harmful sounds. This not only results in hearing damage, but can also lead to tinnitus.

Fortunately, there is a potential solution. In fact, all our earplugs come with a handy storage pouch that you can perfectly store them in. There are also other outcomes, such as, for example, a mini case that you attach to your keychain.

It can always happen that you still lose your earplugs. In that case, however, you can always fall back on the warranty. For a small additional charge, we offer the possibility of receiving a new set of earplugs once if you lose them.

You can read the exact cost for this below:

Products with a purchase price of €119:

Insurance cost: €12.50

Excess: €25.

Products with a purchase price of €154:

Insurance cost: €14

Excess: €35.

Insurance valid for 1 year and can be used once for 1 set (or 2x half set )

Would you like to have custom-made earplugs fitted now? Or do you still have some questions? We are happy to help, so please do not hesitate to contact us. You can read more about our custom-made earplugs here.


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