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If you regularly deal with noise then it is advisable to use hearing protection. In most cases, ordering earplugs is the best option. This can be done over the Internet, but we generally do not recommend it. In this blog you will read why.

You know the drill. A concert or festival is scheduled and you want to bring earplugs with you this time. A wise choice, because many artists soon produce 100 decibels or more. If you expose your ears to that much noise, you run the risk of suffering hearing damage after only a few hours.

Ordering earplugs in this case seems to be the easiest way to protect yourself from this. By this we mean buying earplugs over the Internet. However, there are disadvantages to this way of purchasing hearing protection.

First of all, many earplugs are of poor quality. Think, for example, of those yellow foam plugs. These are not only uncomfortable, but often close off the ear to such an extent that you can hardly enjoy the music anymore.

Then you have the somewhat more expensive universal earplugs. These cost around 25 euros and are a bit more comfortable. Still, even these earplugs do not always seal well, so the protection is only limited. Also, the music can still be heard less well. In principle, the earplugs are fine for when you visit a concert once a year, but if you go more often then custom-made earplugs are a better choice.

Hearing protection fitted specifically to your ear canal is often the best choice. Not only because your ears are taken into account during the making, but also your wishes. Do you want a filter that muffles a lot of sound or just a little? Do you like to have a cord on it or do you not need one? You can determine all these things yourself when you have custom-made earplugs made.

Ordering your custom-made earbuds

By the way, earplugs come in all shapes and sizes. We even have bluetooth earbuds!

Buying earplugs is better done at a specialist. Not only can they fit them to size, but they can also check your ears on the spot and give you advice.

Do you also want to buy earplugs? Then check out our assortment here. We also recommend reading our other blogs.


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