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Tinnitus cause lies with brain rather than hearing

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The most well-known ear disease still remains tinnitus, where you continuously hear a sound that is not actually there at all. Yet more and more sources indicate that the cause is not in the hearing, but in the brain. The good news is that our earplugs can still help in preventing this condition.

Although impaired hearing can be very annoying, there is nothing more unpleasant than tinnitus. This condition causes one to continuously hear a noise, squeak or other sound in the head. A bit similar to that squeak that many people hear after a concert. The is difference, however, is that with tinnitus you really hear that sound day in and day out. Almost all people who suffer from it go completely crazy. In severe cases, one can end up barely functioning.

Tinnitus cause

Most cases of tinnitus result from exposing yourself to loud music or other noise for too long. It is therefore also common among people who work in construction or behind the bar of a discotheque. However, more and more studies are showing that, contrary to previous belief, the cause is not in the hearing.

The problem, on the other hand, seems to have to do with the brain. In fact, this organ continuously makes predictions of what is going to happen. Also when it comes to sound. However, when there is hearing damage, the prediction no longer matches what is actually received by the brain. As a result, the brain tries to compensate. This is sometimes in the form of beeps.

Of course, this is only a very brief explanation. More information can be read here.

Custom earplugs

Despite the fact that the tinnitus cause is probably not in the hearing itself, it does have a link to hearing damage. Hence, custom-made earplugs are still the best way to protect yourself from it.


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