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What is the risk of hearing damage?

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We provide custom-made hearing protection. This will help you prevent hearing damage.

Our earplugs have special filters, and can be made for any situation.

What are the risks of working without hearing protection?

In recent years, increasing attention has been paid to the vulnerability of hearing. This is just as well, because hearing damage is in the top 3 of occupational diseases. Damage to hearing goes beyond hearing loss. Many people with hearing damage continuously hear a hum, beep or other disturbing sound.

This is so drastic that mental symptoms often arise as well. Think of insomnia, fatigue, stress and depression. Employees temporarily drop out with a burnout or can no longer do their work at all.

When is there a risk of hearing damage?

Hearing damage results from regularly exposing the ears to excessive noise levels. Do people work daily in a room where the noise level rises above 80 dB? Then there is already a chance of hearing damage. This damage does not occur immediately. And a noise level of about 80 dB does not hurt the ears either. That's what makes it so dangerous. It is tempting not to wear hearing protection, even though it is necessary.

What sounds increase the risk of hearing damage?

The sounds that increase the risk of hearing damage vary by industry. In construction and industry, as well as within printing companies, workshops and the food industry, machines create the most noise. There, investing in quieter machinery is one way to bring noise levels down.

Within nightlife and security, it is the music and large groups of people that create a lot of noise. Especially in discotheques, clubs and during festivals and concerts, the music is often very loud. There has been discussion for some time whether these noise levels should not be lowered, to protect the ears of employees and visitors.

What hearing protection is needed at work?

If noise levels rise above 80 dB during work, as an employer you must provide hearing protection according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. To ensure that your staff actually wear the earplugs, you choose custom-made hearing protection. Then the otoplastics fit exactly, making them very comfortable to wear.

At Audinc, we have earplugs for every industry that are suitable for long-term and daily use. The otoplastics have a special filter that filters out only the harmful noise, allowing colleagues and ambient noise to still be heard. This makes them extremely suitable for use at work.

Audinc's service for hearing protection

At Audinc, we want everyone to be able to work safely. Our earplugs play an important role in this. To make wearing otoplastics at work as easy as possible, our service goes a long way.

For example, we visit your staff on site for fitting earplugs. We also do the same for education, hearing tests, checks and maintenance. We can even do a noise measurement in the workplace to determine exactly how much protection is needed.

Would you like to have hearing protection fitted to your staff? Then request a free quote or make an appointment right away for an audiogram for your employees or noise measurement in the workplace. We are happy to help you eliminate the risks of hearing damage at work!


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